Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's It Like?

Recently, I noticed on Facebook that my "social profile" indicates that my friends think that I am brave. I actually laughed out loud when I read this. Me... brave? HA! Shows how much people know about me and who I really am.

When I was a senior in high school, two of my good friends and I were talking about partying and the typical high school social scene. I embarrassingly (and somewhat proudly) admitted that i'd only been to one "party" in my life and it actually was a graduation party that provided alcohol. My friends laughed out loud at what I had just said. They gave me a sure-fire "yeah right" look until they realized that I was dead serious. I said "what, you think I party or something?" They replied "well, we heard you were a big party girl at one time." My jaw DROPPED. I had that kind of reputation? A party girl.... ME?!

I was petrified of parties and any sort of social gathering that didn't involve a round of Catch Phrase. The only "party" I went to was a cast party where it was all theater geeks that were just like me. haha. I'm the girl that has never vandalized anything, stolen anything, smoked anything, passed out or thrown up from drinking, and never ever snuck out of my house. My God! What would my mother think of me if I had!?!

I really really liked who I was in high school and who I am now. Not much as changed except for the fact that I think i'm even more freaked out by parties. I've somehow become more socially awkward. I think that is because i'm not in college and i'm away from large groups of people my own age.

Last weekend, a friend of mine wanted me to go to a bar with him at 11 at night. While going out and doing something sounded fun... I would have had to face a few fears/worries of mine. I would have had to go out after 11 pm which is just weird to me. I'm normally in my PJs watching Freaks and Geeks at that time of night. I would have had to go to a bar. I've only been to a bar once in my life and that recently... but before I turned 21. I sat there awkwardly sipping on water. I just have a fear of bars and the type of people that frequent them. I don't like being around drunk strangers so I don't think the bar scene is for me. On top of that, I would be going somewhere without my security net... Matt. If at anytime i'm ever anywhere that I don't want to be (normally a social situation) or around people that make me nervous, he just swoops in and makes me feel like i've got someone that understands me. Definitely a comfort thing.

My hope is that i'll break out of this FEAR fairly soon. It won't happen quickly and it won't happen easily. I know that my good friends want nothing but the best for me and wouldn't ever let anything happen to me and I think I just need to trust that. So, if you ever see me out in public doing something "daring," please applaud me. It takes great effort.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wife Swap

I've seen this silly show called "Wife Swap" only a handful of times. I'm actually sitting here on my couch right now watching some kind of "catching up" episode. The two families are total opposites, of course.

One mother is an ivy league stay at home mom and makes her children live structured lives. Their entire day is scheduled... even fun. She is planning for her children to be "model citizens" and is doing everything necessary to make sure that happens.

The other mother is kinda...well.. trashy. She never cleans and never really disciplines her teenagers. That is why one of her daughters got kicked out of school. They all look like total trashy hoes that will never come to be anything. Hey, i'm being blunt. There is like a water line of pubes in the bathtub. So gross.

The switch didn't go well for the uptight mother. She was clearly disgusted by the negative children and the teenagers didn't like her much back. They kept walking out on her, blowing smoke in her face, and cussing her out up and down. Really classy young women, ya know?

This episode made me really think about the future of our youth. Every once in a while there is something that makes me really wonder. At work today I saw this 16 year old kid throw an empty pack of cigarettes out of his car window. That's just disrespectful and lazy! I could feel my fists tighten and I ACTUALLY, SERIOUSLY, wanted to walk outside, grab the litter, and walk over to the douches car and hand it back to him and tell him to clean up his freaking mess. Grrr!! He made me so mad! I hope all kids aren't like this now. I really hope that HE is not the face of our freakin' future.

Parents... raise your kids well. Do your best. Don't give up on them. Teach them right from wrong. It's something that is super simple but I think that so many parents now are forgetting the basics. Don't try teaching your kids rocket science and don't tell them what college they are going to be attending at the age of 5. Let them be themselves but help mold them into successful and happy individuals.

A Morning Kick At Walt Disney World

Recently, Jill asked me about breakfast at Walt Disney World. I'll be honest... I usually do not eat any sort of breakfast food in the parks if I can help it. I try to save my pennies for something I REALLY want (like pins) instead of wasting them on something that just runs through my tummy. I always take a box of granola bars with me and eat on my way to the parks. But, from time to time, I do end up grabbing some sort of snack type breakfast food. So, of course, I have my favorites.

At Epcot, my absolute top choice would be Sunshine Seasons. And that is the best quick service dining in all of WDW... not just for breakfast. I've only gotten breakfast here once but they had a good selection of sugary goodness as well as regular, warm breakfast fare. I think it's convenient to haul butt to Soarin' right in the morning and then hop over to Sunshine Seasons to grab a bite to eat.

World Showcase also has quite a few pastry options. Remember though, that this works best if you start your day later or don't mind eating "breakfast" after you're already in Epcot. 11:00 a.m. is when World Showcase technically opens. Some quick service restaurants will not be open for dining until 12:00 but if I do remember correctly, the "bakery" type places are open right away so you can grab a pastry and some coffee while you enjoy your stroll through the countries. My top choice would be Boulangerie Patisserie in France. It has great setting and if you get there right when they are open for business, you can sit outside when it's nice and quiet.

If you're out for coffee in WDW... well... good luck. haha! Unless you don't mind really bland, watered down coffee... i'd steer clear. That is, of course, unless you know where to find the good stuff. In Epcot, Fountainview Cafe has some latte and cappuccino choices that will mask the nastiness of regular WDW coffee. The Writer's Shop and Starring Rolls at the Studios also have more than just plain coffee. But the absolute cream of the crop is Kona Cafe in the Polynesian Resort. You can get AMAZING kona coffee at the Poly. Just another reason why Poly guests are so darn lucky.

The only place in the Magic Kingdom that I would suggest would be the Main Street Bake Shop. I have to stop here every vacation to grab a cheese danish. MmMmMm. The line will probably be long and you probably will get hit in the ankle with a stroller but it is all worth it when you get that sweet goodness. :)

Animal Kingdom's breakfast choices are actually quite large if you want a sit-down restaurant. The one quick service place that sticks out in my mind as being pretty awesome for breakfast is Harambe Fruit Market. You can get lots of fresh fruit here which I think is pretty cool. As far as the Studios goes, i'd say that your best bet is Starring Rolls. I just think that the Studios lacks in quick service dining options and I wouldn't waste your time looking for scrambled eggs that actually taste good. When it comes to quick service in all of WDW... stick with the basics.

I'm a big fan of WDW table service breakfast! I normally do one restaurant per trip. A lot of people really love Crystal Palace at the Magic Kingdom. Well, i'm going to have to disagree. I've done dinner here twice and breakfast once. The service was slow every single time and it was just so darn loud all the time. Two characters actually avoided our section on our last visit to Crystal Palace and we were there for over an hour and a half! In replace of CP, i'd advise going to the Polynesian Resort which is just a monorail ride away from MK. Hit up Kona Cafe!!! Get a pot of kona coffee and some Tonga Toast. This is my favorite breakfast on property. The service is great and you get to be at the amazing Polynesian Resort! Get the earliest reservation you can, eat your meal, and then take the monorail to MK.

If you have any questions on breakfast at WDW just drop me a line and i'll be happy to help!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I feel it calling me...

I have this itching feeling. I get it every once in a while. When the wind is high and the moon hangs a certain way in the sky. I miss being on stage.

Often times, I miss the stage so much it hurts. For so many years it was my life. I didn't do anything else except rehearse and perform, rehearse and perform. Every season, year after year. It was the only thing I knew how to do right! I think it still is.

I remember my very first musical I ever did... Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. My brother, Chris, was Joseph and I was "Mrs. Dan," a wife of one of Joseph's brothers. I got to dance more than i'd ever danced in my entire life. That was the best part. I was only 12 at the time but you probably would have never known it. I look back at pictures and think I look 23. "Joseph" was my first lesson in 'how to behave in theater.' I cried more that summer than I probably had my entire life but it was worth it. Drama is drama!

Once I got to high school I threw myself into the theater scene. I didn't do plays until my junior year but I did the winter musical every single year. Freshman year... I got chorus. Every freshman gets chorus and I've never heard of anything different. Even if you knock every senior out of the park... you get chorus. We did "Hello, Dolly" which I totally hated. I didn't enjoy myself much because I didn't get to do much. I stood around in an itchy dress just dying to get noticed.

Finally, sophomore year, I joined the Chatie Choir and through that I got my voice heard and started to make a name for myself. I had to work extra hard because I didn't have any siblings or parents that the directors knew. Even if a person was awful, the directors still managed to give them a decent role because their parents were known around town or they had "famous" siblings. My sophomore year our musical was "South Pacific." Now, it's not the best show... i'll admit that. The parts are kinda crummy and the music is very repetitive. But, I had the BEST time. I actually got understudy for the lead, Nellie! THIS IS UNHEARD OF! Someone other than a junior or senior even being considered for a lead! Just craziness at SHS! Information got leaked a little later that they actually "wanted" to cast me as the lead but couldn't because of the "rule." I didn't care. A great friend of mine got the part and she totally kicked major butt. I got to be a lead dancer and I LOVED it. Best show of my high school career. There wasn't a ton of pressure and I really connected with the cast.

My junior year came and we did "Brigadoon." Again, I don't think it's a great show and I definitely think you should never see the movie... bad bad bad. My friend and I felt very confident that we would get good parts this year since we had the feeling that we were the "up and comers." As much as I loved the lead part, I really really connected with the supporting female lead, Meg Brockie. She was kinda the town tramp lookin' for love in all the wrong places. I knew after doing my "Meg" audition that I was fit for that role and that "Fiona" just wasn't right for me. I had a pretty good time doing Brigadoon. I had to learn a lot of lines for the first time and also learn an accent. Challenging but very fun! To this day I like looking back and watching my performance from Brigadoon.

Senior year... the big one... the one we had all been waiting for. Since I was in the 8th grade I pulled for the high school to do the same musical... year after year after year. I begged and pleaded with every director that this would be the perfect final musical for our senior class. The talent was there and I could cast the whole thing out perfectly. My DREAM role was the lead, Princess Winifred. I practiced this part for YEARS. I knew every song COLD. Sadly, due to the directors taking a turn for the worse and hating me because of some summertime drama, I did not get my dream part. My big fat mouth cost me that role. I ended up getting cast as a lead, though... Queen Aggravain. She had more lines than any other part but didn't have the spunky personality that I loved about Winifred. The Queen was a mean, cranky woman that didn't want her son to get married. Who would have thought that my favorite musical turned out to be somewhat of an awful experience. Just way too much drama.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I did to two "plays" in high school. Fall play of my junior year was "Fools." SO MUCH FUN! That was a great experience. I didn't have a great part or anything but the cast was awesome and we all had so much fun with such a funny script. Then in the spring of my junior year we did "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" which is actually more of a musical. Didn't have a great time doing this... i'll be honest. It was unorganized and the cast just didn't fit. I made a pretty fat Lucy.

In the future I hope to do more "modern" musicals. Lord knows SHS couldn't do anything that wasn't written after 1940. My dream role now is the lead in the AMAZING musical, Spring Awakening. If you haven't heard it... you need to. It's breathtaking. Totally scandalous and fits me like a glove! If Kalamazoo Civic does it someday I may just have to quit my job and find a new one that will work around my show schedule because I HAVE to be in that show.

Well, hope you enjoyed reading all about my life as a theater geek. More to come...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Will Work For Disney World

It's time for me to talk about the biggest passion in my life... Walt Disney World! I'm sure that I will write many many blurbs on WDW throughout my time blogging. I figure i'll kinda have this be an "intro to WDW" so you can hear about my past trips.

My first WDW trip was in November of...'97? I was in the 4th grade. When my dad was alive he always said he wanted to take me to Disney World. That was his big dream for me. Sadly, my dad passed away when I was 6 and he never got to take me to WDW. My mom saved up enough money by the time I was 9 to take me to what would soon become my favorite place in the whole wide world. The trip was totally awesome. I was still pretty young and don't remember a ton now thinking back on it. I remember loving Horizons (RIP) and Spaceship Earth. I wanted to walk around the "countries" in Epcot all day. That was just the coolest. "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" became engraved in my brain forever. The spinning clowns in Spectromagic scared the crap outta me. And, of course, I met Mickey Mouse for the very first time and it was seriously "magical."

Every trip since then has been totally different and totally awesome. In '01, my mom and brother took me and we also went to Universal Studios for the first and only trip I probably will ever make there. Bleh. It didn't compare. This was the year that I was afraid of everything. I wouldn't do almost anything at Universal and I wouldn't do Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom. Then in '03 and '04 I went with Campus Life and had great experiences. We only went to Magic Kingdom for one day both years. The very first year was cool because I got to show two of my friends around the park and then the second year my brother and sister-in-law were there vacationing at the same time so I got to spend the day with them. 2005's trip was my junior year and I got to get outta school for a week and make all my friends super jealous. The only bad part was that I had to miss my junior prom to go. The day after my high school graduation I hopped on a plane with Matt, my brother, and sister-in-law, and headed to WDW for a week. I didn't even go to my senior grad bash! During my entire graduation I couldn't even be sad about leaving high school... I was going to WDW in 12 hours! haha! This trip was Matt's first trip and I was SCARED. We were engaged at this point and he had heard me talk about WDW for 2 years and I was so nervous that he would not "get it." I really didn't know if I would have stayed with him if he didn't. Luckily, our first ride was Spaceship Earth and about 5 minutes into it he looks over at me and says as if he is 5 years old, "This is so cool!" I started to choke up right then and I knew that everything was going to be okay.

Post HS trips consisted of my AMAZING honeymoon in 2007, an anniversary trip in 2008, and my first mother/daughter trip in September of 2008. No trip will ever top my honeymoon. It was so freakin' crazily awesome. It was one dose of magic after another. Cast members really went out of their way for us and made us feel so special. Every day was just perfection.

I've been so blessed to be able to go so often and I never take a single day at WDW for granted. The minutes that i've spend at WDW are among the very best of my life. It is the only place that can make me forget about everything wrong in the world. I don't believe in a lot of things in this world. I have "lack of faith" in most areas of life. But, at WDW, I seriously and honestly believe in magic. I SEE it. I FEEL it. Being there isn't like being anywhere else.

Please don't judge WDW if you've never been there. Don't think it's just a place for kids. Don't think it's only for families. Just... don't think anything. haha. JUST GO! Trust me... you will not regret it! :)

-Dreaming of Disney

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Colonel Bolonel

The sweetness that is my dog... Colonel.
Colonel is a minature schnauzer (although I think he is mixed with a standard) that I got when I was about 16. I always wanted a miniature schnauzer because they looked like old men. And, I knew that I'd name mine Colonel. He is currently at my mom's house because Matt and I don't have a fenced in backyard and the neighbor dog is a husky that would eat Colonel alive if he ever jumped the fence again. Matt and I let him outside to go potty everyday. My mom does take care of him for me though. I think she really likes having him around because it's someone else in the house. He's really spunky and energetic. Sadly, he's not the dog you can take for walks. He was never good at it. He just pulls on the leash so hard that he chokes himself something fierce. What he is good at is standing up and jump spinning. His favorite toy is "Blue" from Blue's Clues and he likes peanut butter treats the best. :)

Frozen Walt Says "Hi"

Congrats to Kalamazoo's own Matt Giraud for staying in the competition! American Idol has been good to you! Now, stop sucking it up and sing something good! :)

Alright, i'm thinking of making a second blog in which I just talk about American Idol. I understand there is only a month of it left but that means I have like 10 days worth of Idol postings. I just don't feel like flooding my personal blog with Idol crap. Yes, I will admit it's mostly crap. But, it is the highlight of my week (so sad) and i'm proud to say i've watched the silly show since season one.

Let's talk about last night. Tacos at mom's house. So good! We both squeeled like little girls while watching Adam Lambert shake it on Idol. Wait, I wasn't supposed to talk about that show... crap. It always comes up! Anyways... I had a very strange dream last night that I decided to go to college. I was walking on this old campus to my first class. I didn't even know where I was going but I was a walkin'. I had to ask a few people where my class was and by the time I made it there I had totally missed all but the last 2 minutes of it. The teacher told me not to give excuses and he said maybe I should find myself a class that I actually would get to on time. Ouch! After that I just got frustrated and went out looking for my family so I could go home. I'm thinking that maybe this dream was showing me my insecurities as far as college and a real social life goes. Stupid dreams.... they're always right.

Today is Thursday. This means that it's Matt's 2nd shift day and my mom will pick me up from work so we can spend some quality time together. Normally, we end up eating dinner together and watching a movie then she takes me home so I can sit on my butt and watch The Office. I used to watch Grey's Anatomy but this season has really bored me to tears and I just have had zero interest in watching. Plus, now that The Office time has changed, I only catch the last half hour of Grey's and that is just not worth it to me. Maybe tonight I will make more video installments of me playing the guitar and singing. I've had a few song requests so I think i'll do my duty as a friend and make a few videos. :)

I can't think of anything really interesting to write about right now. I'm sure i'll come up with something glorious later.

Good day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If I Can't Have You...

I saw this totally perfect picture on ONTD today. Down with Gokey.
And now... a link to the fabulous Adam Lambert's performance last night.

One Of Those People...

I'm making a choice today. A choice to be lumped in with those "crazy people " who blog. My friend, Jill, informed me that it'd be a good idea if I started blogging. Apparently, I have great thoughts and views that would make me a wonderful blogger. So, here ya go! From this day forward (until I get bored with this) whoever finds this silly thing will get to listen to my ramblings about things that I find important or maybe... not so important.

I'll warn you all now... I ramble. A lot. I'm really good at it too. I type in the same style as I speak (minus all the profanity). I have quite the potty mouth but I will not be sharing that with all of you. No need to make myself sound uneducated! haha!

Wanna know what you're in for?! Let's take a look at my likes...dislikes...abilities...hobbies...etc.

Likes: American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, Rooney, Disney World green olives, ice cream, makeup, my family, my hubby, my doggy, tom collins, and vegetarianism. This list is so short. But, I don't wanna give away everything. ;)

Dislikes: People that complain, Overthinking (which I often do), Mushrooms, people who speak without knowledge, when clothes shrink, fad diets, party kids (and adults), and people who use the wrong "there" in a sentence.

I'm officially a blogger. Just one of "those people." :)