Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wife Swap

I've seen this silly show called "Wife Swap" only a handful of times. I'm actually sitting here on my couch right now watching some kind of "catching up" episode. The two families are total opposites, of course.

One mother is an ivy league stay at home mom and makes her children live structured lives. Their entire day is scheduled... even fun. She is planning for her children to be "model citizens" and is doing everything necessary to make sure that happens.

The other mother is kinda...well.. trashy. She never cleans and never really disciplines her teenagers. That is why one of her daughters got kicked out of school. They all look like total trashy hoes that will never come to be anything. Hey, i'm being blunt. There is like a water line of pubes in the bathtub. So gross.

The switch didn't go well for the uptight mother. She was clearly disgusted by the negative children and the teenagers didn't like her much back. They kept walking out on her, blowing smoke in her face, and cussing her out up and down. Really classy young women, ya know?

This episode made me really think about the future of our youth. Every once in a while there is something that makes me really wonder. At work today I saw this 16 year old kid throw an empty pack of cigarettes out of his car window. That's just disrespectful and lazy! I could feel my fists tighten and I ACTUALLY, SERIOUSLY, wanted to walk outside, grab the litter, and walk over to the douches car and hand it back to him and tell him to clean up his freaking mess. Grrr!! He made me so mad! I hope all kids aren't like this now. I really hope that HE is not the face of our freakin' future.

Parents... raise your kids well. Do your best. Don't give up on them. Teach them right from wrong. It's something that is super simple but I think that so many parents now are forgetting the basics. Don't try teaching your kids rocket science and don't tell them what college they are going to be attending at the age of 5. Let them be themselves but help mold them into successful and happy individuals.

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