Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol Experience

Alright people! Listen up! I have decided that during my September/October trip to WDW, I will people auditioning for AMERICAN IDOL!

Of course, it's not exactly the REAL American Idol television show. It's called "American Idol Experience" and it's a new attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios. You basically audition to perform in a replicated version of the real American Idol show. You have to do two preliminary auditions before you get chosen for one of the six "preliminary" shows in front of an audience. Then if you win your show of 3 people, you get to move on to the finale show in the evening. If you win the finale show, you get a "front of the line pass" to one of the real AI auditions. Pretty cool, huh?

This weekend I put together a list of songs i'd sing best from the official song list. Disney requires you to sing one of the chosen 100ish songs that they have approved. They tell you to have a few back up songs just in case your top pick has already been chosen for the day. No doubles!

Colors of the Wind - Disney song
Part of your World - Disney song
Our Song - Taylor Swift
Hot Stuff - Donna Summer
Black Horse and a Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall
Express Yourself - Madonna
Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benetar
I Feel The Earth Move - not sure what version they are referring to... many artists

Last night, I sang most of the songs karaoke or with my guitar for my mom and Matt.

Right away, my mom said, "why don't you have more country on that list?" Typical of my mother. haha. She definitely sees me as a one trick pony. She says country is what my voice was made for. I totally agree with her but the country choices suck big time. They are all cheesy country ballads that I dislike. Mom also says that Disney is the other genre I fit well. I agree again. When I sang the more "rock" songs for her... she said "you sound just fine... but I just don't see you doing that sort of song." Anyway, she left the house and I was discouraged.

Matt came upstairs and said, "sing Donna Summer again." So, I did and he loved it. He said "Hot Stuff" was his favorite and thinks I should sing that with "Our Song" as a backup. He also made a very good point about singing a Disney song. He said that he would pick "Colors Of The Wind" for me but with a Disney song you are trying to tell a story and in AIE you basically have a cropped 90 second version of the original. He said it would sound funny if I started to tell the story and then was all of a sudden at the end. It made sense! My husband is smarter than I gave him credit for!

I am going to perform maybe 5 songs of the list for my brother and sister in law and see what they think suits me and the competition best.

Anyone out there have any opinions?!


  1. You should post videos of you singing some of these on youtube. :)

  2. haha... I might have to do a few. I get embarassed making youtube videos. You see my new response video?! Its bad haha

  3. Just watched it and commented. :)