Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good Times...

Certain days, I wake up in bad moods, thinking bad thoughts, which in turn is a bad start to the day. Today was one of those days. Actually, so was yesterday. The day before that I woke up talking about Disney World with Matt so I was okay. haha.

Luckily, at about 4:30 today I got a visit from Barbara. She was working a promotion in Battle Creek which is only about 30 minutes away. Barbara got to see where I work and what I do all day. Then we left and visited Matt at work. We took about an hour to start a freakin' campfire and then ate pizza hobos and s'mores. :) Yummy!! Andrew came over and chilled with us for a bit too. Seeing her really brightened up my day. I miss having friends around! I absolutely love Barb and Liz because we're all very much alike. We can talk Kelly with each other and it's not odd at all. haha.

I met Barb and Liz back in 2005 when we all had meet and greets with Kelly Clarkson. It was Barb and I's first M&G with Kelly and Liz's 2nd. I think!? haha. I met up with them before the show so we could find our seats together. Our meet and greet was after the show. It was really fun to have them there when I first met Kelly. They saw me cry within just hours of meeting me. haha. Actually, they saw me bawl my eyes out!! :) Ever since then we've went to many of Kelly's shows together and have become quite close. Better yet, Matt gets along with them great and they adore him.

Here is a picture of us together last fall before we saw Kelly and Reba in Grand Rapids.

And this was us way back in 2005... just partying with Kelly Clarkson! :)


  1. Sorry the day started out crappy. But I'm glad it turned out okay.

    You sure do love pizza hobos, don't you?!

  2. I really do love them. haha. Barb's was funny. Burnt to a crisp on one side and the other side was just perfectly golden. lol.

  3. You should use my coping method. Every day for me is the worst day of my life so I take comfort in knowing that tomorrow will be worse so I try to enjoy the current day.

  4. Hey...I need your email address. The one you use for blogger. I'm making my main blog private. So in order to read it, I'll need to send you an invite through email. Let me know!

    My WDW blog and AI blog will still be public.