Thursday, May 21, 2009

Holy Glee!

American Idol is dunzo! Kris won! Basically... Adam did too! I'm SO happy it worked out this way. I'm totally pleased. I got like 4 text messages overnight asking me if I was crying because Adam didn't win. I said "Heck no!!! I was stoked!" He doesn't have to release that horrid song "No Boundaries." Poor Kris... I feel for that boy. That song doesn't do any favors to his voice (or Adam's for that matter). I had a great time last night at my mom's house watching Idol. We really got a kick outta Kara showing up bikini girl!! I also loved KISS and Adam... even though I would have chosen Aerosmith over KISS. Oh, and QUEEN! You should have seen my face! My hands were over my mouth for like 2 minutes. Super big surprise. I'm sad Scott's duet with Billy Joel was cut. Apparently Billy couldn't make it. I took a pee break during Danny Gokey. Bleh. There were some GREAT moments last night and I wouldn't mind watching it again.

Last night after work I went out and bought shoe insoles for my old tennis shoes that I found in my mom's closet. And yes, I went jogging. Of course, I didn't jog as much as I did walk and gasp for breath but still... good effort. This weekend i'm going to buy some new running shoes I think. I have fairly flat feet and need something with good support. Tonight i'm going out again but just briskly walking. I can't overdo it otherwise i'll be in so much pain I won't want to go anymore.

I started running because I saw a picture of a girl who was my size when we were in high school together. Normal sized curvy girl... like me. Well, she looks really toned and trim now. I'm totally envious. Apparently, she took up running and dropped some weight. My goal is my hips. I have BIG hips and would like to minimize that as much as I can.

Back to work I go!!!


  1. Billy Joel was never scheduled to appear on American Idol. He was, however, playing a concert in Detroit with Elton John that night.

  2. Scott said that Billy couldn't make it. I wonder why they would have told him he was performing with Billy Joel when he was already scheduled to be somewehre else.

    Big bummer for Scott. I would have loved to make it to Detroit to see Elton and Billy... that had to be an amazing show.

  3. Billy Joel and Elton John were playing in Auburn Hills, MI on the 21st. They did not have a show on Wednesday the 20th. At least not according to the tour website.