Monday, May 18, 2009

I Dance Around At Work

I've decided just to talk about really random things about me.

As a child I hated dogs. I was terrified. I thought all of them were out to get me. The only dog that I ever trusted prior to 13 years of age was a Newfoundland that I rode at a garage sale when I was 5. The dog was a gentle giant. It was owned by an Asian family and there was a girl just a few years younger than me living there. She told me that I could ride the dog. After about 5 minutes of bravely touching it... she pushed the dog down so I could hop on. And off I went around the garage. haha :) It was my first memory of LOVING a dog. I still want to own a Newfoundland some day and name it "Bear" after the dog that I loved so much as a child.

When I was about 13/14 I developed a binge eating disorder. I started to create really weird food rituals and combinations.... standard for those with an eating disorder. Even though i'm not haunted by the illness currently, I still enjoy some of the foods that I ate on a midnight binge. They may sound weird to you but to me they are delish. I don't eat them often in fear that it would trigger bad memories but when I do I can kinda laugh about how silly some of my combinations were. One being cheese and ketchup sandwiches. Yes, cheese singles and Heinz ketchup. I've learned to be able to detect crappy ketchup and find only Heinz suitable. I also loved cold green beans (from a can) and ketchup. As a child, my mom would bring me a few cold green beans when she would cook them and it became a favorite memory of mine. I now find cold green beans with ketchup kinda gross but I always dip my cooked green beans.

Up until about a year ago I couldn't wink with my left eye. My entire family would make fun of me for it whenever winking would come up and so I decided to train my left eye. I now have a strong enough muscle to wink. It's definitely not sexy but at least I can do it.

I still sleep with my baby blanket and my teddy bear, Mr. Doctor Lion Bear. My Aunt Arlene gave me the blanket when I was born and my teddy bear I ordered from Ritz with just a few bucks and a couple proofs of purchase. I'm glad Matt still has his Rocky Raccoon... I don't feel so dumb. Better yet, he thinks it's cute. :)

I've been a video game nerd since I can remember. My brothers were much older and had Atari and the 'old' Nintendo. I used to mess around with it when I was like 3 or 4 and think I was hot stuff. By the time I was 8 I could beat Mario Bros. on Nintendo NES. I've been fascinated with many games including Zelda, Mario Party, Mario 64, Tetris, Paperboy, and i've also been known to kick some major butt on Street Fighter.

Okay okay okay... back to work I go. To do what.. I don't know.


  1. I have always loved dogs. I don't think I'll even own a large one again. We had a large family dog (weimaraner) that weighed about 90 pounds. But I think Lucy is as big as I'll ever get (she's around 40 pounds.) A couple weeks ago my sister adopted a bull mastiff. It's going to be huge!

    When you say you had a binge eating you mean you'd binge and purge? Or just binge?

    I was never huge into video games. But I do love our Wii. And I like two computer games - The Sims and Rollercoaster Tycoon.
    I still sleep with a stuffed toy. "Hawaiian Guy." My dad won it for me at the state fair when I was little.

  2. If we had a bigger house we would be getting a golden retriever. No doubt about it.

    And, yes, just binge no purge. BED is when you just binge non-stop for a short or long period of time with a large amount of food. Bulimia includes binging and purging. I could never bring myself to purge in any way. So, I became a diet addict for a while then got fed up with it and started just eating. My weight flucuated a little but nothing major. It was more the mental part that wore me down.

    I LOVE The Sims and RCT! I haven't played each in a long time. The Sims 3 just got "leaked" today I guess. There is no way my computer can hold both The Sims 2 and 3. I LOVE that I built my own house on Sims2 and I know if I take it off my computer i'll never get it back.... ugh.

  3. I love the Sims 2. I have most of the expansion packs. I'm sad because the more recent ones have some weird software thing that I don't want loaded onto my computer. I really wanted the Bon Voyage back. Boo.

    I still play both RCT and The Sims on and off. Not sure if I'll ever get The Sims 3. I still play RCT 2. 3 was too confusing.