Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why I'm Ready For Summer... To Be Done

The temps are totally climbing here in the snow capital of the USA. It only took 6 months to not see a snow pile in my work parking lot. But, we made it! People come in from outside and say "Wow, it's a nice day" when it's about 60 degrees. Give it a few more months and people will be complaining that the 85 degree temps are about to boil their brains. Or, the classic "you could cook an egg on the pavement it's so hot!"

As much as I have grown to love Michigan summers in the past few years I know that I have so much more waiting for me when it's all over.

This fall I have quite the packed schedule. And that is JUST how I like it. Especially when it is all paid for in advance.

Starting in August i've got my first Kelly Clarkson concert of the year in Indy. And, hopefully around this time Rooney will be touring as well. I've saved like 3 or 4 vacation days to use for numerous Rooney shows. Then in the 2nd week of September i'm taking my mom and nieces to Grand Rapids to see the American Idol Tour. Six days after that i'll be driving to Allegan to catch Miss Kelly Clarkson once again. Only 2 weeks after that I will be in Walt Disney World for a week! PHEW! Once Kelly wraps up her fair dates she is doing some international touring and the will be in the States for a fall/winter tour. Of course, i'll be snagging more tickets to shows around here for that tour as well. I mean, what other option do I have? NOT GO?! Psh!

I will admit though, i'm looking forward to days at the dunes with Barb and Liz. We have WAY too much fun together and I totally miss that.

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