Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fashion... My Passion

A downside to being a married grown up is having less money to spend on yourself. I miss getting a paycheck and being able to sock some away and then spend the rest on cool stuff. What I really miss is buying clothes. There is a high that I get when I find a new jacket or a cool purse. That high goes away when I have to walk out of the store empty handed though. Go figure. I just wanted to look online and tease myself with all of the amazing things I want. I feel like sharing those things with my readers. Maybe someone will feel sorry for me and send me a check. haha!
I'm really obsessed with this jacket. I love jackets anyways but this one in particular is awesome. It's from Urban Outfitters and is about $140.00. I never spend that much on a jacket but if I tried it on and loved it a lot i'm sure I could pull myself together and fork over the dough I'm really into faux leather and military styles right now. It's easy to pair with a soft, flowing, flowery summer dress and hard black shoes.
Eeeeeks! Fun 50's flower dress with pockets! Only $58.00 at Urban Outfitters! Oh, how I pine. I absolutely love bright printed dresses with character. This totally screams Isaac Mizrahi. My life hasn't been the same since he left Target.

The colors of this dress really appeal to me more than the style. I can't even say if the style would look good on me but I know the colors would look good with my skin and hair. The stupid model is really skinny so of course she doesn't look pregnant in it like I might. haha. $98.00 at Urban Outfitters.

Oh, wow! CUTE cropped bomber jacket from Urban Outfitters. I love cropped jackets anyway but make it faux leather with cool sleeves and we've got a super winning piece. It just looks so sleek and fun.

Okay, so, I love swimsuits. I love retro styles. Put the two together and I go gaga. This is also from UO for $68.00 and is available in navy blue. Even though I already bought a new bathing suit from Vicki's I still want a new one piece that will minimize my hips. This could be it! If I had the extra spending money!


  1. I HAVE THAT BATHING SUIT STACEY! it's so, SO flattering & i feel like a pin up girl in it. love love it.

  2. Beautiful selection.!! I am in love with that floral dress. That swimsuit is looking pretty nice.