Friday, June 26, 2009


Facebook sure makes breaking news travel fast. Mom and I just got to her house and I sat down thinking i'd see what is up with all of my friends. Every ones status said the same thing "RIP MJ." I didn't really think it could be what I was hoping and praying that it wasn't. My hands started shaking and I jumped up to grab my mom and bring her into the living room before I turned on the tv. As soon as the news started a picture of Michael flashed on the screen. It was true. Mom and I just stood there in shock. I could tell both of us weren't breathing at that point. Then we both just lost it. We held onto each other for dear life it seemed. Crying. My mom being the strongest person I know seemed to come up with the perfect thing to say while I wept.

Michael Jackson IS an icon and always will be. Dead or alive. His talent flew above everyone but always seemed to land perfectly and touch so many of us in so many different ways. His music brought families together. Bridged generations. Michael was able to take a simple idea and make it an artistic masterpiece. He could even take the most complicated of situations and break it down so anyone could understand and feel it on a personal level.

Mom and I sat down and started talking about what he meant to us. My mom right away mentioned the family tradition of dancing to Black or White at each one of her children's weddings. Scott's was first. I was only 4 and I remember watching my brothers bust a move on the dance floor in front of everyone. They knew the entire routine it seemed and it made the entire reception break into applause. That performance is iconic in my family. At Chris' wedding I requested Black or White in secret and both Chris and Scott got up there again and did the whole thing. Finally, at my wedding our DJ had remembered me telling him the "Black Or White" story and he called my brothers and I out onto the dance floor and for the first time all 3 kids grooved to probably the one song we all know the words to.

I remember looking through pictures as a kid and seeing my brother Chris' MJ outfit. He had the red coat, glove, pants, and shoes. Then there was a picture of him and all of his friends dressed up in the same exact outfit. Of course, I remember when it was cleaning weekend with my mom and we'd pop in Michael Jackson and dance around like freaks. I remember when they would play the making of Thriller on mtv and vh1 and i'd get so freaked out of Michael's eyes at the end. No horror movie could scare me but that entire music video had me wanting to pee my pants.

Most of all I remember being on road trips with Matt and we would listen to Michael non-stop. "Our" song was "Man In The Mirror." We'd replay that amazing piece of music over and over. Screaming our favorite parts. We'd both be so damn happy as we listened to his music. It's like our problems just didn't exist anymore. I wish it could be like that all the time.

Even though Michael isn't physically with us anymore his music will carry on for eternity.


  1. It's interesting to say the least. It's a little odd that pop culture pillars from my youth are dying. I hope this isn't the start of a trend.

  2. I was at lunch with family that afternoon and came home to status updates sayind he was dead. Very bizarre.

    Graham and I sing MJ songs in the car a lot. Especially Man in the Mirror. love it.