Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pet Peeves

Anyone have any pet peeves? Stupid question, huh? Lately my pet peeves have been accelerated for some reason. Everything is bugging me to the max.

My number one I think is people that eat/drink loudly. I can't stomach it. I hear it and I want to smack them really hard. I can never eat in quiet with someone. There needs to be background noise or I will lose my effing mind. The worst is the "smacking" sound. I have a relative that does that in the worst way. I think he does it or attention or something.... so people don't forget about him since he can't open his mouth and talk like he would be doing if he weren't eating. I also don't like my mom's classic thing... smacking her lips after she takes a sip of pop and goes "ahhhh." Sometimes she even follows that up with "good and cold." Especially when she is talking about a drinking fountain. She always wants us to figure out how "good and cold" it is!

I also can't stand when women wear pants that are too small for them and get the "muffin top." Basically, it's hip chub hanging over the sides. Sometimes it's also stomach and back chub if the chica is big enough. I've seen REALLY skinny girls have muffin top though. They just can't come to terms that they went up a pant size or two. Trust me ladies... you'll look better if you buy the right size.

Next up is pet peeve of mine that doesn't effect me any really but I just hate it with a pure passion. It's the use of the word "swoll." What the fudge does that mean and who in the heck came up with it? Okay, ladies and gents, it's not a real word so just stop using it. I keep hearing people (mostly men) say "I'm out getting my swoll on" or "I'm looking real swoll today." Most of these guys are chubby little freaks or skinny toothpicks that are in no way fit. To all you IDIOTS who use that word (can you tell I hate it passionately?) you sound special ed... not special.

I have many other pet peeves... I promise you that. When I think of more maybe i'll post a "Pet Peeves 2."

What are some of your pet peeves?!

Oh... FYI... even SPELLCHECK recognized "swoll" as not being a real word. Thank you.


  1. I have never heard anyone use the word "swoll" before. What exactly does it mean??

    Loud eating/drinking is my biggest pet peeve too! I'm always snapping at Graham when he gets loud.

    Oh...and my dad does the lip smacking/"aah" thing after taking a drink. Drives me nuts!

  2. I think "swoll" is supposed to mean "buff" or "large" or ...something like that. Ridic.

    Snapping at Graham? Wow, us having dinner all together would be hilarious. The men would have to shut up completely and we'd be bitching at them left and right. haha.

    Maybe the lip smacking thing is an older person trait. I should do research...