Monday, June 15, 2009

Social Networking Issues

Lately, i've noticed that people are using social networking websites to "vent" about things and let people know what is going on in their lives. Now, before you get all, "But, Stacey! You do that!" on me...let me explain.

I've seen so many people talk about really really personal things online. Things that are normally meant to be kept between small numbers of people and within the pages of autobiographies. I feel awfully uncomfortable when people talk about their recent break-ups via Facebook. Stating that they feel so terrible and want to kill themselves. I've even seen someone write a note on Facebook about the break-up... telling the whole story and letting everyone read.

There are way too many people out there who are only friends with you on Facebook because they want to "spy" on your life!!! Like I said... there are things that should be kept truly personal in your life. Things that no one else should know. By releasing too much information you are opening yourself up for rumors to start. People like to embellish on information that they find out and create new spins on stories.

I'm not a person that just blogs about how my marriage is going, family drama, or my deep dark secrets. It's weird!! I'm a pretty private person and I only open my life up to a select number of people. That number basically being my husband and my mom. I really doubt people would want to get on AIM with me and hear me vent about things. Bleh. Borrrinnggg. People who are able to just vent should be careful who they release information to. But, hey, what do I know? haha.

Bah... another week at work. Can't wait to visit my big big brother because he just got a motorcycle and I wanna RIDE! I also cannot wait until it gets warm enough to go to the dunes with my friends and family! Wooo hoo summer!

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