Friday, July 3, 2009

Best Music Videos... To Me.

As a kid, I used to wake up at like 4:00 a.m. and watch music videos on the couch in the living room before my mom took me to my baby-sitters. I just remember in between dozing off i'd see some of the most amazing artists perform in their videos. I'd flip back and forth between VH1 and Mtv. Over and over. If I didn't like something i'd watch what was on the other channel. It's funny... I remember in detail where I was or how I was laying when I watched certain music videos. It was all so amazing to me I remember that i'd get songs stuck in my head and basically memorize the plot of the video and just replay it over and over. Looking back, I definitely had favorites.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - "Don't Come Around Here No More"
Paula Abdul - "Cold Hearted"
Janet Jackson - "Rhythm Nation"
Busta Rhymes - "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See"
Madonna - "Rain"
Foo Fighters - "Learn To Fly"
Aerosmith - "Cryin'" and "Crazy"
Reba McEntire - "Fancy"

And now the ones that changed the way I looked at music videos forever... the cream of the crop.... the top of the heap.

The Cardigans - "Love Fool"
- This song and music video is one of the big reasons i'm so in love with pop music today. I grew up listening to mostly country and oldies. I remember watching mtv and thinking that pop music was so cutting edge and brilliant.

TLC - "Waterfalls"
- Wow! I don't think i've seen one music video more times than i've seen "Waterfalls." I was obsessed with TLC at a young age (six-ish) because of this music video. The meaning was so much deeper than I could ever understand but nevertheless it meant the world to me and I used to sing this song (incorrectly mind you) and annoy the heck out of my mom.

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - "Last Dance With Mary Jane"
Because I was so young I didn't understand what was going on in the video really. I just knew she was a dead chick and he was in love with her. Then he let her float away. My second favorite music video of all time.

Michael Jackson - "Scream"
- I kept thinking "how are they doing that?" while I was watched this as a kid. I still think that now.

Michael Jackson - " Black Or White"
-To me this is the best music video ever made. Nothing will ever top this. I remember actually sitting in front of my tv screen as close as I could... feeling my eyeballs bug outta my head.


  1. Black or White better than Thriller?!? Better than Bad?!?

    I think I'll have to disagree with you...haha.

    I recently saw the extended version of "Bad." I'm not sure I'd ever seen it before. I love the dance in it! If you haven't seen the long version of the video...I recommend it.

  2. Black or White?

    I feel old when I read your blog.

  3. Haha... yes. Black or White. It's simply a memory thing. I tie so many good memories in with that song and video. Simple as that.