Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mom's Stitches

Yesterday morning I got a call from my mom saying that she was staying home from work because she was sick. She said she didn't feel good all the night before and didn't eat much. She went to bed and ended up getting sick in the middle of the night. A wet washcloth is always what she wants when she's sick so she decided to crawl into the bathroom to get one. During this excursion, she went to reach up high for a washcloth and must have slipped or fell and hit her head on the corner of the wall (or something else). She passed out right then. Hours later she woke up and there was blood all over. She was able to clean her head a bit but not a whole lot since she kept throwing up too! Back to bed she went with a towel around her head. When she woke up in the morning her head was covered in blood and then she saw blood all over the carpet and on her bed. She took a shower and then called me.

Of course, I was freaking out.

I got to work and told Matt to go over and check on her head and make sure she was okay. He called me up right when he left her house and said she definitely needed stitches. Of course, my mom was resisting going to the hospital or the doctor. She'd ignore anything Matt or I said to her. I think Matt really scared her when he said stitches was the only option.

It was last resort time... my brother, Chris. I called him to let him know what had happened and told him that he was the only person she'd even think about listening to. So, he finished up what he was doing and went over there to drag her to the doctors. Meanwhile, I called the doctor's office up and told them what happened and they said to bring her in right away.

Turns out, my mom had a huge V-shaped gash on her head. She really clunked it hard! It's about 2 inches on each side. 10 stitches total. Mom is totally afraid of needles so I was really worried about her. She said she did really well and it didn't even hurt as bad as she thought it would. The doctor commended her for keeping a towel around her head. But, he did say that she should have called someone (DUH!). We're pretty sure that she has learned her lesson now and if she ever feels sick or dizzy... she's gotta call one of us so we can come over and check on her. She's a very active person but she IS 62. Anything can happen from a head wound.

I'm just glad she's okay. She's my mommy! The only parent I have. I gotta make sure she's safe at all times. I love her.


  1. Yikes. That's pretty scary.

    I didn't realize your mom was 62. I thought maybe more like 52.

    I'm glad she's okay!

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  3. I think your mom and my mom should get together and go bowling.