Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm A Slacker...

Let me apologize first thing for not keeping my amazingly awesome blog updated properly. I know how much my words inspire my .... 3 readers? haha!

The last time I updated was right before Disney World with my mom to blab about how excited I am about the new Sam Cooke movie that they are making. I'm totally still excited! I actually talked with some people about it in the last month just to spread the word.

In the past month i've participated in American Idol Experience at Disney World and Sturgis Idol here in town. Both great experiences and I took a lot from both of them!

I sort of skipped talking about my American Idol Tour extravaganza because it was just so much to talk about. I can sum it up for you now though for those of you who are unaware of what happened. Mom and I went to the American Idol Tour show in Grand Rapids, MI and met Michael, Matt, and Allison outside before the show. I talked to Matt for a little while and before I knew it... he invited us backstage after the show for the after party! Talk about a great experience! I got to meet all of the "Idols" in a fairly chill environment and get pictures with them. It was perfect for us because this was our favorite season of the show since Kelly's. I was walking on air for about a week after that. Check out my Facebook or TwitPic account to see pictures!

I also saw Kelly Clarkson on her summer tour twice... Indy and Allegan. I absolutely can't see this chick perform enough! She blows my mind every single time just like she did when I watched her on AI. The fan club kinda dicked us over this year when it comes to tickets but I still had the most amazing time. I'm not a fan of outdoor venues simply because the sound isn't that great and I like a more intimate setting.

Luckily, I was able to get VIP2 tickets... 3rd row for the Detroit show. I took my friend Ryan with me and we drove up to Detroit to Liz's house and stayed there overnight. Liz had a meet and greet that night so it was exciting to hear about her experience meeting Kelly for the fourth time. The show was just... amazing. My favorite show not counting when she toured with Reba (it can't be beat) hands down. I was absolutely blessed again and got a meet and greet for Chicago's show so I got an extra ticket in like 15th row last minute and went to Chicago with Barbara and Liz.

We went to Kelly's back up singers' show in Wrigleyville because we're huge fans of them. I got to eat at Lucky's Sandwiches too! It was on Man v. Food (like.. my favorite show) and Adam Richman did the challenge there. :) At the Jill and Kate show basically the whole band was there... including Kelly! We got to walk around and mingle with them (while slightly intoxicated on my part... terribly drunk on Barbara's) which was a dream come true. They are all SO friendly!! During Jill and Kate's set they brought me up on stage to sing and play tambourine to my favorite song of theirs... TEXAS! Kelly was in back of this tiny little bar recording the whole thing so I sang to her and made her smile from ear to ear. It was freaking amazing! I was just hoping that after a few drinks I wouldn't totally suck at that tambourine but I kicked ass if I do say so myself! Barbara drunkenly talked to Kelly about bubblegum vodka which was the most hilarious convo i've ever heard I think. We got to give the shot glasses to Kelly, Jill, and Kate as well... which was something that we've been trying to do for a few months now. So amazingly epic!!

The next night in Chicago we went to the show where I had a meet and greet. I walked up to Kelly and she goes "Stacey! Hey!" and then proceeded to tell everyone that I rocked at the tambourine the night before. I should have said, "Girl, you remember that? You were pretty drunk!" haha!! We thanked me for the shot glasses and said that her, Jill, and Kate were talking about wanting to do shots with us next time. It took everything I had not to scream "holy shit are you serious?!" haha! What's great about meeting Kelly is that she's a totally chill person and there is no pressure to say the "right thing." I got a couple of pictures with her and we said our goodbyes. That night during the show Chris and Cory (band members) spotted me and made it known they saw me. It was pretty awesome... :) After the show we went outside and talked to Chris and Aben by the buses for a while. Barbara, Liz, and I always say how we're just as excited to see the band as we are Kelly. They work so hard and deserve a lot of credit for being away from their families for such a long period of time.

Now, i'm back in Sturgis and it basically sucks. It's rainy... cold... windy... and the exact opposite of Florida. haha! The next exciting thing coming up isn't until... actually... I don't know. Gonna have a boring life for a while I have a feeling.

If anything happens interesting i'll let you know ASAP! BYE FOLKS!