Thursday, December 31, 2009

Closing 2009's Book

I understand I haven't exactly been the best blogger lately. To be honest, the things that i've felt like blogging about were probably only exciting to me and a handful of other folks. So, let's catch up.

2009 has been probably the best and worst year that i've had in my life thus far. I've gotten to do so many things that I never ever thought would be possible. I have lots of people to thank for my amazing experiences this year and i'm very blessed for having these people in my life.

I think the reason that I haven't been as vocal about all of the exciting events is simply because there has been a shadow cast over it all that I can't seem to push away. Lots of worries, insecurities, and downturns have bubbled up in the past year. Made lots of mistakes and saw others make some of their own. These "exciting events" I speak of are seriously what kept me moving the entire year. What made me not give up totally and just say "to hell with it."

I've recently been thinking about what "social networking" has done for my life. I've met a lot of cool people and made some new friends. Lots of my experiences this year just wouldn't have been the same without the help of Facebook and Twitter. Not gonna lie about that. But, even then, I don't know that these websites have done me a whole lot of long-term good.

Maybe, just maybe, I don't need these, somewhat petty, social networking websites to keep me moving.

I'm using 2010 as a jumping point to figure out who the heck I am. Because... guess what... I have no idea. I don't even know that i'm totally secure with my life currently and i'm unsure of what the future holds. So, I got to thinking... if I don't know who I am... what am I showing the world via Twitter and Facebook?

There's a good chance that i'll be cutting back in 2010. Cutting back on clutter. I think clutter has totally messed up my mind and I really can't get any powerful thinking done if i'm worried about what i'm going to talk about to lots of people that barely know me. Sure, I may have been friends with tons of these people in high school but I really don't know anything about who they are now and quite frankly... I don't much care to let people Facebook stalk me and "think" they get what i'm about.

I cut back on the use of my phone and i'm thinking that may have been a mistake. If people really want to talk to me they'll call me... or text me. If they don't have my number... they will ask for it or I will ask for theirs if I feel necessary. I'm ready to interact with people with of real flesh and blood.

To those of you who wish to stay in contact with me (if and when delete my Twitter/Facebook accounts) shoot me an e-mail at and we can keep in touch that way or via phone.

Happy 2010!

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