Monday, January 25, 2010

Thank you Blogger

I've been working on my WDW blog lately as some of you may have noticed.  I'm catching up after taking 4 months off.  *smacks forehead*

Blogger hasn't been my friend when it takes me three hours to write an entire blog entry.  Mainly the issue is moving the pictures around and how it throws the whole setup of the post off.  I have to keep going back and correcting it.  It - gets - old!  On top of that, when i'm finally done with my post it and I go to view it... the links to the full-size images won't work!  Just the first picture that I post!  Today I went into the settings to see if maybe I had a setting turned off or something.  Turns out, there is a new post editor that allows you to move images around more easily AND will allow full-size image links.  The only negative thing that I see is that they took away Spellcheck.  I'm a good speller but once in a while I just type something incorrectly.  Maybe i'm blind and just overlooking the feature.

I'm using this post to test the new image feature.  Ignore random pictures.

I like how these are the only photographs on my computer at work.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Buried Life List

Back in like 2007 I made a "Buried Life" (see MTV) list. I haven't edited it since 2008 apparently. I need to update this list since... i've proudly done some of them! :) Some more than once!

Things I Want To Do Before I Die

*last edited 2/24/08

Sing with one of my favorite musical artists -- Done thrice! Bryan White, Jill&Kate, Matt GiraudTour the world as a back up dancer
Help young girls
Create my own dress
Raise a child
Have one crazy night -- There are some nights I could classify as fairly crazy... for me.
Tell someone off
Have long curly hair
Bring at least one person joy -- I hope I've done this one.
Save a life -- I rescued a baby squirrel that was severely injured. And took a little kitten off the street and gave it a home. :)Work at a christmas tree farm
Decorate x-mas trees at a department store
Hang out with Rooney -- Sort of? Got to be around them and their crew for a long time & sold their merch.Meet Kelly... again -- Technically three times since i've written this!Buy a ridiculous amount of undewear at one time -- Did this!Ice skate
Ski & Snowboard
Wear a crown
Work at Disney World
Dress up as Mrs. Clause
Make someones head turn (in a good way of course) -- I think i've done this one too!Swim with dolphins (i've done sharks)
Own a snake
Make every ornament on a christmas tree by hand
Tour the country with a band
Get Lasik
Chop my hair off..... short
Grow my hair out really long again
Get hooked on fitness
Cook really well and have people be sickly impressed
Buy 50 pairs of underwear in one day
Visit Pompeii
Wash elephants
Own a pig
See Lake Chad before it's gone for good
Eat mushrooms and like them
Finish a scrapbook
Fix up an old church
Participate in Relay for Life
Lay in a field for hours
Invent something
Have my own cosmetics line
Finish a whole giant lollipop
Learn to play the piano at least a little
Cut someones hair and make it look goooood.
Dress up like Cher
Watch movies for 24 hours straight
Own a computer that's not a complete piece of crap
Go to a spa for a day
Beat Matt in Kelly Slater surfing
Be content with being lazy
Fly a plane
Witness a miracle
Design my own clothes

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sometimes I feel old...

I've noticed lately that i've felt so much older than my peers. I say things and do things beyond my years. And I don't say that in a "i'm so much more mature" way... I say that in a "what happened?" kinda way.

Last weekend I went to a bar with a few of my co-workers. I'm not much of a party animal so i'm not really used to the "party" setting I guess. But, nevertheless, it's pretty ridiculous when you can't hear what the person next to you is SCREAMING in your ear. Bah!

Also, i'm all for public places going totally non-smoking in Michigan. Who the heck wants to come home with their clothes & hair smelling like smoke? Did someone say that it smelled good and it became a trend or something to smell like an ashtray? You really don't wanna hear me go off on my "I hate smoking" rant, do you? Prolly not.

This morning in the car, I turned the radio to a local pop/rock station. After about 3 minutes I went, "I can't do this..." and turned the station. So so much of today's popular music sounds exactly the same. Same beats, same lyrics, same concept. I'd much rather pop in my Yusuf Islam CD and listen to music that actually MEANS something.

*steps off soap box*

I am done.
Don't I sound 70 years old?
I'm quite sure I come off like a prude as well.
Bah, oh well.
Thank you.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome To My Day

Guy: Whats the date? 10th?
Me: 8th
Guy: 10th?
Me: No, the 8th
Guy: The date! The 10th?
Me: No, it's the 8th
Guy: Oh, the 9th!
Me: NO! The 8th!

....It's been like this all day.