Friday, January 15, 2010

Sometimes I feel old...

I've noticed lately that i've felt so much older than my peers. I say things and do things beyond my years. And I don't say that in a "i'm so much more mature" way... I say that in a "what happened?" kinda way.

Last weekend I went to a bar with a few of my co-workers. I'm not much of a party animal so i'm not really used to the "party" setting I guess. But, nevertheless, it's pretty ridiculous when you can't hear what the person next to you is SCREAMING in your ear. Bah!

Also, i'm all for public places going totally non-smoking in Michigan. Who the heck wants to come home with their clothes & hair smelling like smoke? Did someone say that it smelled good and it became a trend or something to smell like an ashtray? You really don't wanna hear me go off on my "I hate smoking" rant, do you? Prolly not.

This morning in the car, I turned the radio to a local pop/rock station. After about 3 minutes I went, "I can't do this..." and turned the station. So so much of today's popular music sounds exactly the same. Same beats, same lyrics, same concept. I'd much rather pop in my Yusuf Islam CD and listen to music that actually MEANS something.

*steps off soap box*

I am done.
Don't I sound 70 years old?
I'm quite sure I come off like a prude as well.
Bah, oh well.
Thank you.


  1. Don't worry about it. I've been like that my whole life. I was never into the bar scene or any of that. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Loud, smoke-filed bars are gross.

    And most of today's music sucks.

  2. Thank you. I like knowing i'm not alone in my principles.

    I don't mean to be so anal but... I think anal people keep the world in line sometimes. What would junkies do without the tame ones to keep the world around them straight?