Monday, January 25, 2010

Thank you Blogger

I've been working on my WDW blog lately as some of you may have noticed.  I'm catching up after taking 4 months off.  *smacks forehead*

Blogger hasn't been my friend when it takes me three hours to write an entire blog entry.  Mainly the issue is moving the pictures around and how it throws the whole setup of the post off.  I have to keep going back and correcting it.  It - gets - old!  On top of that, when i'm finally done with my post it and I go to view it... the links to the full-size images won't work!  Just the first picture that I post!  Today I went into the settings to see if maybe I had a setting turned off or something.  Turns out, there is a new post editor that allows you to move images around more easily AND will allow full-size image links.  The only negative thing that I see is that they took away Spellcheck.  I'm a good speller but once in a while I just type something incorrectly.  Maybe i'm blind and just overlooking the feature.

I'm using this post to test the new image feature.  Ignore random pictures.

I like how these are the only photographs on my computer at work.


  1. Where is this easy way to move photos? When I upload them, they end up at the top of the entry (just as a line of code) and I have to cut and paste it elsewhere.

  2. Go to your settings on your dashboard and then change the setting on how you edit to the new option. I can't remember what its called. You'll see it though.