Monday, February 8, 2010

Damn Hoosiers

Yesterday I went with my brother, sister-in-law, and niece on a short excursion to Mishawaka, IN  to get a bifold door for my niece's room.  My brother, Chris, needed to get a new pair of tennis shoes from Kohls.  As my brother was searching for shoes, us girls decided to head over to the restroom so Chantel could use the facilities.  I stood outside with Charlotte and decided I would push her in the cart over to the books.  Realizing I couldn't push the cart with my small clutch in my hand I threw the clutch in the pouch compartment of the cart. 

Normally, I don't carry such a small purse.  It's technically a small Vera Bradley wallet.  My large purse recently broke and I hadn't switched my wallet and junk over to another purse yet. 

Continuing with my story... within ten or fifteen minutes we were at the check out counter.  Chris took Charlotte out of the child seat in the cart and I helped out by pushing the cart into another cart in the cart return at the front of the store.

Ten minutes later at Hacienda I realized I must have left my purse in the car.  No big deal.  I ran back out to grab it a half hour later, after we ate lunch.  Only thing was... it wasn't in the car.  Realizing I must have left it in the cart at Kohls, I call the store and have them fetch it out of the cart.  We arrived at Kohls within five minutes and began asking sales associates if a wallet had been turned in.  No one had reported it. 

After checking every cart with a child seat, retracing every step, and stalking current customer's carts, we arrived to the conclusion that someone must have taken off with it.

I got in touch with the Loss Prevention Officer at Kohls that afternoon and asked him if he's please look at the security cameras.  I gave him the time frame that we were gone.  He was able to track who took the cart after us but had a hard time following them through the store.  He was also trying to see me at Customer Service when I threw my wallet into the cart.  He seemed to be having a hard time in general looking at anything.

The contents of assumed stolen wallet:
Vera Bradley Wallet (retired pattern, blue and white with owls)
Old and new insurance card
Library card i've had since I was five
Lush gift card (unused of course)
Subway coupons
Twenty some dollars cash-
Probably some other irrelevant cards
My tiny golf pencil I use when doing Sudoku (yes, I carry this with me) bank keys

I had thought that my debit card was in the wallet so I hot carded it that afternoon only to find it this morning sitting on my end table.  I forgot I took it out a week ago and never put it back in.  Now, I have to get a whole new debit card, drivers license, insurance card, library card, and wallet.  They also had to have the locks replaced at the bank this morning.

Reasons why i'm such a dumbass and forgot my wallet are pretty simple.  I'm not used to keeping a child occupied.  Normally it's just Matt and I.  I don't have to make sure he doesn't get fussy and start crying when his mommy leaves him with his aunt.  I'm also not used to carrying such a tiny purse.  Normally i've got a big honking thing with me.  I also never push a cart around.  That's what I have a husband for. ;-)

I'm pinning my bad luck on the fact that I rooted for the Saints and was in Indiana on the day of the Superbowl.  Those damn Hoosiers were getting back at me.


  1. That completely sucks! I'm also so paranoid about losing or someone stealing my stuff. I never really thought much of it until a couple years ago, someone I know was at Target. Their purse was sitting in the car (on the child seat.) The apparently turned their back long enough for someone to swipe their wallet.

    Now, I either wear my purse cross body the whole time. Or if it's in the cart, it's zipped and never leaves my site.

    We always had a string of purse snatchings a while back. In parking lots, people were running up and grabbing people's purses. We live in a decent area so it made the news, of course. I clutch mine tightly and I'm always aware of my surroundings. Sometimes, I even have my pepper spray with me. :)

  2. That's good to be mindful of your surroundings and possible danger.

    I always carry my keys in between my index and middle finger so if someone attacked me I know I can try and attack with my largest key (car key) easily. I never wear a purse with a long strap for that reason. It's so much easier for someone to pull that off of you. I like straps that sit just under my arm so I can hold onto it comfortably. I just bought a new Vera Bradley tote at the Pajama Sale this weekend. It's sits perfectly and can fit all my crap in it. The only thing is, it doesn't zip.. just a little bar clasp.

    Sadly, my current situation was being forgetful and someone, within a short period of time, coming along being a dishonest person. They really didn't get a lot. I never carry a ton of cash with me (and when I do I split it up like a dork) and my debit card was at home. I'm honestly most pissed off about that Lush gift card. :( It sounds stupid but it's the one thing I can't replace.