Monday, March 22, 2010


Who woulda known this girl would get so into college basketball?

Matt came home a week ago and said, "Stacey, you need to fill out a bracket for college bball."

Apparently there's a competition between some people at his work and it includes their signficant others.  I guess all the other women participating chose their winning teams based on which mascots they liked best.

I knew I was going to be educated going into it.  I based half off my picks on statstics and what the pros think will happen.  The other half is based on simply if I like a team or not... for any reason at all.

My final four and much of my elite eight is still in it and going strong!  I've got the final four being Michigan State, Syracuse, West Virginia, and Duke.  Hoping that Syracuse and Duke are in the finals with taking it all.  Of course i'd love to see State take it but I don't think that's gonna happen with how much they've been scaring me.

Yesterday during the state game I was 2 seconds away from a heart attack I swear to God.  They've gotta stop stinkin' it up in the 2nd half!  Syracuse and Duke have been doing really really well.  West Virginia may give me a scare later on.  I haven't been keeping a close eye on how they're actually playing. 

I'm also participating in a tournament on INTERCOT.  While i'm not the highest "scorer" as of right now... I have the highest PPR.  So, if all goes well.... DISNEY SWAG!

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  1. I fill out a bracket every year. It's fun. This is my worst year though. I had Villanova winning.

    I don't watch basketball at all during the year. I just pick teams based on....nothing. I basically randomly pick...haha.

    I got 26 the first round. 10 the second. The rest of my bracket is pretty much crap now.

    Go UNI!!! WOO!!