Thursday, March 4, 2010

West Bound?

Yesterday, on a whim, Matt and I started talking about California and the possibility of visiting his Aunt Chris.  She lives in San Luis Obispo, California.  A very well off California city... home of Zac Efron. 

Last year he went out there with his mom to visit his aunt and uncle.  He absolutely fell in love with it out there and always talks about me seeing it for myself.  I never had that huge of a desire to see California since it's obvious i'm a Florida baby.  It just seemed that the more Matt and I talked about the idea the more I liked it. 

Disneyland is about four hours away.  A little far but it could definitely work if we plan it right.  Matt and I think that it would be best if we fly into the airport nearest to Disneyland and spend our first few days there.  Maybe only one day.  Then wake up the next morning and drive to San Luis Obispo and spend a few more days sight seeing.  I'd love to see San Fran but that's just too much driving and would require even more vacation days i'm not willing to use. 

Our only expenses would be flying out there and then Disneyland.  We'd stay in Aunt Chris' house in San Luis Obispo and she cooks breakfast and dinner every day. 

Right now flights look to be about $300 roundtrip per person.  That's a huge amount compared to what we pay to fly to Florida.  I do understand though that it's a much longer flight out to California and that out west is just plain more expensive. 

I hate to say it but... if we decided not to go to Disneyland I definitely would be as into spending that much flying out to California.  I'm sure San Luis Obispo is gorgeous but I don't think that it soley it worth $600 for the two of us.

We'll see what comes of this little thought bubble.


  1. Only one day at Disneyland? How sad. :(

    We pay about the same to fly to CA as we do to FL. Our hotel in Anaheim is cheaper than our hotel at FL. I also think food in the parks seems cheaper. Plus, we eat outside the parks at places like Denny's and Coco's which is also cheap.

    The only bigger expense for us is that we rent a car in CA (since we visit family and stuff. We don't just do Disney the whole time.)

  2. SLO is beautiful. It makes Florida look like New Jersey.

    You could fly into Orange County and hit DL then head North for the rest of your trip and go home via Fresno's airport.

  3. I keep trying to figure out which airport to fly into and to fly out of. We're talking about doing DL first, just like you said. We want to keep the driving time to a minimum obviously. We will have to rent a car of course. If Matt's rents go we'll probably rent a van for comfort purposes. We took a midsize car out to Syracuse, NY in 2006 and with the four of us in there I thought I was going to lose my mind.

    Sadly, we'll have to get two seperate rooms in Anaheim because I absolutely CANNOT sleep with Matt's parents in the same room. They snore like truck drivers and I get no sleep. Even with my iPod on turned up very very loudly, I can hear them snore.

    What hotels would you guys suggest? We don't need anything fancy. Just a place to rest our heads at night.

  4. John Wayne Airport (SNA) is my favorite airport. We always fly into there. It's small and easy and close to Disneyland.

    We never stay's way too expensive.

    We stay at a place called the Anaheim Plaza. It's a fairly old hotel but we aren't picky. I know some people would hate it and think it's old and gross. But we like it. I have pictures of it in my Disneyland report if you're interested.

    One reason we like it is because it's only a 10 minute walk to the park gates. So we save something like $12 a day on parking. :)

  5. Some Anaheim Plaza photos are here - (three at the bottom of the post)

    I just realized I didn't upload the others. I'm going to put a quick entry up about the Anaheim Plaza so check it out later.

  6. The blog entry is here if you wanted to see it -