Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Busy Spring

I've got a lot of cool things coming up that i'm pretty stoked for.  Normally around this time of the year I have nothing going on and nothing to look forward to.

This Friday, Barbara is coming down from Royal Oak and spending the weekend with me.  We're going to go out to Applebees (her favorite Sturgis "hot spot") and bake cupcakes on Friday after I get out of work.  Saturday, I wake up and go to work until noon and then we get to basically play Wii Cheer 2 all afternoon.  That night my friend Kris picks us up and we're all going up to Kalamzoo to see Miranda Lambert.  Can't believe the Miranda show is finally here.

Next Tuesday I get to celebrate my 22nd birthday with my family.  We're doing dinner at my mom's house (my fav, boiled dinner).  Then heading over to Chris and Chantel's where Matt's family will be joining us for cake and ice cream.  That night i'll be watching my favoritist show in the whole world, Glee!  So excited for it to start back up. 

I'll be continuing my birthday celebration by heading up to Ann Arbor on Friday morning.  Lisa is housing myself as well as my girlfriends from Detroit that night.  We're gonna go dressed up and go out to dinner and then find a place to enjoy some cocktails. 

Bryan White's show in Kalamazoo is April 22nd.  I haven't seen him since December of 2008 when he brought me up on stage to sing with him.  :) :) :)  Let's replay that in our minds right now, ok?  Ok!

Finally, on May 1st, Spring Awakening comes to Detroit so again, I head to the east side of the state for a fun-filled day with Lisa and her sisters.  We have stage seats this time.  I have the coveted CC7 seat.  Magic all around me.  Eeeek!

At the end of May is my Nashville/Memphis trip and and at the end of July is the Lady Antebellum concert a the Elkhart County Fairgrounds.  We kick things into high gear again October 9th when Matt and I take our moms to Walt Disney World for a week. 

<3 Life


  1. I can't remember....what day is your birthday??

  2. holla for my shoutout! so excited!