Friday, April 9, 2010

"Duggar Style"

I've recently become enamoured with a television show called, "19 Kids & Counting."  It's about a family in Arkansas, the Duggars, and their 19 children.  Jim Bob and Michelle, the parental units, recently gave birth to their 19th child, Josie, back in December.  Josie wasn't due until March.  Due to some very unexpected medical issues that put the baby and Michelle at risk, they decided to get the child out and try and save her life. 

The Duggar family has been recently flamed for their conservative Christian lifestyle.  The girls all wear long skirts or dresses, they are all homeschooled, and at one point participated in something called "home church."  The boys and girls go through courtship with the opposite sex until they find that suitable mate.  The Duggars don't watch television and their computer activity is closely monitored. 

The main reason that the family has been critisized as of late is in correlation to the birth of Josie.  Folks are asking, "how many is too many?"  Many find it absolutely ridiculous that Michelle and Jim Bob leave family planning up to God.  They let God decide how many children they raise.  Even after Michelle's health scare, they've chosen to not rule out having more kiddos. 

I pray that God kicks Michelle's body into menopause, though.  Those kids need her.  I'd personally hate to see something happen to her.  Watching her makes me happy.  She puts me in such a good mood.  Michelle is so soft spoken that it actually reminds me that I don't need to raise my voice when i'm upset about something. 

There's an article that I read that made some very good points about how the Duggars actually contribute to our economy.  Maybe some families could take little tips from the Duggars in successful family life.
  • The Duggars are debt-free, yet own a spectacular 7000 square foot home.
  • They eschew the often toxic dating culture, yet the oldest son, Josh, managed to find himself a lovely wife, Anna Keller, via a virtuous-style courting relationship. (The couple now has a baby girl of their own.)
  • They are entrepreneurial, not seeking government handouts. Both Michelle and Jim Bob, in fact, are licensed real estate agents, while Josh owns a car dealership. They have also saved the taxpayers of Arkansas hundreds of thousands of dollars (maybe more) by choosing to be homeschoolers.
  • They are civic-minded. Besides Jim Bob serving a stint in the Arkansas legislature, they will also be headliners at The Baby Conference to be held this summer in San Antonio, and they have participated in short-term mission trips to El Salvador.
  • They are stars, but celebrity has not turned them into Jon and Kate Gosselin. Their dress and manners remain modest and squarely grounded in middle America, not Hollywood. The Duggars make it clear they have one purpose and one purpose alone in this life: To glorify God. (My money is also on Michelle and Jim Bob to make good on the ‘till death do us part’ business.)
  • They don’t mind being whimsical, given that all the childrens’ first names start with the letter “J.”
Obviously i'm partial to the family.  Sure, I don't practice a lot of the things that they do but I applaud them for having such an amazing family.  They are some of the most courageous and gracious people i've ever seen.



  1. I love the Duggars! I mean, I don't really have the same views as them on a lot of things but I really like them. They just seem so nice and non-judgmental. It's awesome.

  2. Yay! I was wondering how you felt about them. It's either a love 'em or hate 'em kinda thing.

    Like you said, they're non-judgmental. Being in the bible belt (as i'm sure you're consumed in as well), we have Christians that believe everyone should be Christians and they refuse to associate themselves with people that have other beliefs and lifestyles. I'm fairly liberal so this sort of town doesn't suit me well. I'm terribly accepting and got flamed for it in high school at times.

    I always found it interesting when the abortion issue would come up in class or between friends. It became such a taboo thing to talk about. When really, it NEEDS to be talked about openly because that's why people are so uneducated on both "sides." I'm one of those people that isn't afraid to talk about it. Same goes for capital punishment. I have an opinion on that and it may not be the same as everyone elses opinion but that's okay.

    I do have to say... how can some people be against abortion and for the death penalty? Seems kinda off to me.

  3. Well, I am against abortion and for the death penalty. I don't see them as similar things at all. The life of an innocent baby vs. the life of a murderer? You can't really compare the two. I think abortion does need to be legal, because history shows that if it's not, too many morons try to do it themselves with horrible consequences. However, I HATE when people use it as a form of birth control. I also think abortions should not be allowed as far into the pregnancy as it is currently allowed. It's disgusting.

    Also disgusting...people who MURDER innocent people in cold blood. I don't care if it's hypocritical but murderers have got to go! At least they get do go in the manner of lethal injection unlike their victims that probably suffered a hell of a lot more.

    Sorry. I just have some strong opinions on these subjects...haha.

  4. P.S. On another subject...what do you think of the Bates family?

  5. Haha! hey! It's all about point of view! Everyone sees it a certain way. No problems here.

    The Bates... okay.. the girls... could be supermodels. They're an odd clan but... maybe that's just how I see it. haha. I wonder what the Bates do for fun besides sing? Hmm....

  6. I'm glad we can still be friends and yet disagree on stuff. :)

    The Bates....are weird. I mean, back in the day I thought the Duggars were weird until I saw more of them. So maybe if I saw more of the Bates I'd change my mind. I don't know. But right now, I think they are kind of bizarre. The dad seems like a creep. And I feel like he's trying to get his own T.V. show or something. It's just weird.

  7. You know Father Bates is trying to figure out how to get one of his kids in bed with a Duggar so he'll finally be "IN."

    I love the Duggars and I totally want a copy of that CD Jim Bob gave to Jermaine or whatever his name is on his wedding night so he'd know how to please his woman.

  8. HAHA, Mr. Bates is weird as eff. I agree with that.

    I'm sure you also want a pillowcase with your and Jill's faces as well, Graham.