Monday, April 26, 2010

I Feel Like Vomiting...

In general, I have a strong distaste for romance novels.  I've never read one but I can pretty much guess that every single one is written almost exactly the same just with different character names.  There is one subgenre of the romance genre that really makes me go, "who would write that?" 

"The Pregnancy Plan"
"A Prince and a Pregnancy"
"Her Pregnancy Surprise"
"Bedded For Passion, Purchased For Pregnancy"
"Pleasure, Pregnancy, And A Proposition"

Are you frickin' serious?  People get off on this? 

I don't understand the draw to reading about some chick that gets knocked up, has some issue with the guy, has the bastard child, then lives happily ever after.  Even more, I don't understand reading the same type of story over and over again.  How the heck is that appealing? 

You've gotta be some kind of freak that's obsessed with being pregnant yourself.  And if you ARE that crazily obsessed, you need some kind of therapy. 

In general, I don't believe in "happily ever after."  It's a nice idea and all but I'm far too logical to believe that kind of crap exists.  I know that it makes me sound terribly "Bah Humbug" but this is how I feel.  Romance movies don't do anything for me either.  I just sit there and think, "how cheesy is this!?"  I like my feet planted in reality when it comes to romance.  No use in reaching for something that doesn't exist.


  1. I love romance movies and happily ever after stories. Not because I believe they are realistic. I just enjoy them and all their cheesy glory. I don't think I've ever read an actual romance novel. But I read a lot of chick novels (by authors like Marian Keyes, Isabel Wolff, and Lisa Jewel.) They are all similar type stories but I still like them.

    Non-romance things are just as repetitive. I read James Patterson and his books are all pretty much the same.

    Most movies/books in the same genre are the same basic story with slight differences. I still enjoy them. Even if they aren't realistic. I mean, no fiction books or movies in ANY genre are rooted in reality much.

  2. I can watch The Notebook and cry just like everyone. I have to be in the mood for it though.

    What do you mean by chick novels? The only "chick" book I've ever read would have to be Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. That was pretty good.

    I prefer to read non-fiction. If I do read fiction I like really out there crap. A great fiction read that is rooted in fact is Sophie's World. If you like philosophy you might like it.

  3. I don't like philosophy. I also don't read non-fiction. I think our tastes are pretty different with books...haha.

    On chick novel author I've like for a while is Marian Keyes. Here's one of her books -

    And another one -

    They are just easy reads. Nothing deep. I just enjoy them.

    Another author I like is Lisa Jewell. This is one of my favorites by her -

  4. Oh wait...this is probably my favorite Lisa Jewell -

  5. I love philosophy. I highly recommend anything by Carl Jung and "The Art of Happiness" by the Dali Lama. If you've already read the latter do it again.

    I like fiction but not fantasy/romance/etc. I like a nice, grounded story meaning something that might happen or might have happened. Siddhartha by Hesse is great if you want a quick read. Anything Hunter S. Thomson is solid but can be a little frantic if you read slowly.

    If you want bizarre Joseph R. Landsdale does fiction is the strangest possible way. Always a high body count.

    If you're looking for biographies, you can't go wrong with Bill Clinton, Andy Kaufman, or George Takei. I'm dead serious.

  6. GRAHAM! You did NOT just say Siddhartha! It's my second favorite book EVER. I've heard it... probably fifteen to twenty times. Hesse is one of my favorite authors.

    I do like a good biography. I heard Clinton's is good. I really like reading about Teddy Roosevelt. A lot of the Walt Disney biographies are a bit jaded I hear but I think i'm still going to give one a try soon.

    I might have to give another chick book a try, Jill.

  7. I'm falling asleep just reading what you two are saying about books. So odds won't like the chick books...haha! Yeah, we definitely have different tastes in books! :)