Monday, August 23, 2010

Lasagna Obsession

This weekend I made my family a lasagna as well as one for Matt and I.  I use this recipe that my sister-in-law, Tammi, has used forever.  It's basically the only lasagna that I like.  A few years ago for Christmas Tammi gave all of us girls a hand made cook book of all of her favorite and best recipes.  I knew that the lasagna was going to be the first one I would attempt to make.

Since I first tried it and succeeded I've made it a handful of times and get more comfortable with it every time I do it now.  It's the easiest and simplest recipe for lasagna I've ever seen.  It doesn't require a lot of fancy spices or odd named vegetables.  I'm not much of a cook so keeping stuff simple is right up my alley. 

The recipe calls for three basic cheeses, parmesan (like Kraft shredded parmesan), mozzerella (whatever you do don't buy the imitation mozzerella... I learned the hard way), and ricotta.  Mix 'em all together and that's your cheese layer.  For the sauce, skip the whole making your own deal and just buy your favorite from the store.  I suggest Wal-Mart's generic brand Green Pepper and Mushroom.  I HATE mushrooms but you can't even tell there are mushrooms in the sauce.  It simply is the richest and thickest sauce that is inexpensive.  As for the noodles I never use the no-boil ones.  I think they don't bake well in the oven.  I take the time to boil my lasagna noodles.  Beyond that it's just layering all of those things.  No fancy spices and no vegetables.  You can use real ground beef (or chuck or whatever you meat people call it) or vegetarian ground beef substitute. 

If anyone is interested in the exact recipe let me know and I'll post it. 

In other news, we take Ellie to the groomers tomorrow for the first time so wish us luck!  She also went all night last night without going outside to go potty.  She slept really well and didn't wake up barking at me to take her out.  So proud of her! 


  1. I love lasagna. It is a pain to make though...and mine is even easier than that one....haha!

  2. Hahaha... it's a total pain. And expensive. But, we eat the leftovers like no bodies business. So I endure it to have pre-made meals for the week.

    Matt's mom makes amazing stuffed shells!