Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Living with Ellie - Day One

Matt and I drove down to Defiance, Ohio to take a look at a puppy we were interested in adopting.  The foster dad was at the house and after inviting us into the kitchen he grabbed the little female puppy out.  She was in a room blocked off with a baby gate along with a black maltipoo. 

She hopped her little legs over to Matt like a tiny pony and Matt knelt down squeeling, "aww awww ohhh awww!"  He later told me that he almost cried right then. 

We checked her body out.  All paws, teeth, eyes, and ears looked good to us.  We don't know exactly what to check for but she had all of her proper body parts so that was good.  She was fun to watch on the kitchen floor.  She would just casually stroll around and when Matt would tap his hands on the floor she'd get excited and run over to him. 

After talking with Doug (the foster dad) we knew she was the one for us.  We signed the adoption contract and got copies of her vet vaccination papers.  Into the car we went and she just sat there on my lap so nice and cute.  Once we reached Bryan, Ohio we decided that we were going to name her "Ellie" from the movie "Up."  Now is a good time to say that if you haven't seen the movie you really need to. 

We stopped in Bryan to get her a medium sized crate with a divider at a local pet store.  Luckily, that pet store had the crates $10 cheaper than anywhere in Sturgis.

After taking Ellie to see Matt and I's co-workers, my in-laws, and my brother's family, we went home to see Vinnie.  I set the cage with Ellie inside right in the living room.  We brought Vinnie out and he stopped dead in his tracks in the dining room after seeing her.  Ten minutes went by before he moved a muscle.  His tale finally calmed down and he started getting closer to the cage... stopping every so often just to keep checking her out.  Ellie was calm and just looked at him.  Eventually Vinnie was all the way at her cage and she was in the back sleeping like a rock.  He even laid down beside her cage and chilled out for a bit.

Matt and I competed with Ellie's new crate.  They need to make those things more idiot proof or something.  We put the divider up and I'm happy to report that the puppy has had no accidents in the crate itself.  She did go poop on my brother's floor however.  Haha!  We haven't had her out in our house just romping long enough to really test her properly.  But, it's still early so I don't expect it to come quickly. 

Ellie didn't care for being caged up suddenly after dinner.  She yelped and yelped.  It seemed that if we would leave the room or turn our backs to her that really upset her.  However, a few sessions of her yelping she only would bark like twice and then she'd be quiet.  At bed time she was SO great!  We moved her crate into the bedroom and once we turned the lights off and climbed into bed she yelped for about 30 seconds and then we didnt' hear a peep out of her the rest of the night.  I was a worried mommy and woke up quiet a few times just to check on her.  Every time she was snoozing.  At 3:00 a.m. Matt got up and took her outside to go potty.  I did the same after I woke up only I walked with her a bit. 

Walking might be a challenge with her if she remains so sluggish. I think she's just apprehensive at the moment.  Yesterday it was so dang hot I think she was just looking to rest.  I would tug on the leash and try and get her to move which only made her yelp like a pig.  After doing some reading I'm not going to tug anymore.  She can get praised and rewarded when she walks with me.  If she doesn't then she can just sit there.

One thing I noticed is that she has excessive tearing... especially in her left eye.  The redish brown color you see around her eyes are tear stains.  It's basically a yeast from bacteria building up.  I read some little tricks to helping her pH balance that will reduce the amount of staining.  I think we're gonna try and give her a bath sometime soon to see if we can get some of it off.  If anyone out there has insight into this it would be greatly appreciated.  Her poor eyes are covered up by wet red hair.  Distracting you from looking at how pretty the rest of her is!

I think that's all for now.  Will report more soon.  Oh!  And I will for sure be posting pictures of her all fluffy and clean very soon!


  1. I've never had a dog with any tear stain problems but you might want to check out this stuff...

    If you click the "more info" tab on that page it gives some tips for helping to prevent infections too.

    Like I said, I've never used that stuff but you might want to look into it or ask your vet about it.

    Will you be doing heartworm prevention every month? How about tick/flea prevention?

  2. Yep once she is old enough we'll do every type of prevention possible. Haha! We'll probably have her mircochipped as well since we did that with Vinnie.

    I will check out that website!

    When I googled "tear stain puppy" tons of stuff came up. While it's common it's not necessarily "normal." There are different reasons that she could have the problem so it's hard to tell what the deal is.

  3. Maybe your vet will be able to help you out a bit. Hopefully you'll find a good vet that you like. We've been struggling with that since we got Lucy. We're at a new place now and so far we like them. Lucy goes in on Monday to get a teeth cleaning.

    I'm glad you're going to do the heartworm/flea/tick stuff. So many people don't seem to do it on a regular schedule. We do Heartguard every month, all year. We do Frontline Plus almost the entire year. Some places say to do it all year even if cold climates but our vet said it was okay to skip the really freezing months. So we typically only use it for 9-10 months out of the year.

  4. We have a vet that I've always taken Colonel to and Vinnie goes to him too. They are customers of mine at the bank so it works whenever they come through here if I just have a quick question about something. There are only 3 vets in town I think. It's not the "nicest" or "prettiest" facility that we go to but they do the job well and charge fair prices.

    I forgot to tell you what Ellie is eating! We went to TSC after we got home yesterday and grabbed the best that they carried. Apparently it's only carried at TSC. Here is the link. It's called 4Health.

  5. She's only 3 1/2 pounds right now so we are putting like a half of a cup out for her but she hasn't even eaten that yet. She takes some nibbles here and there but doesn't scarf it down. probably just getting used to it.

  6. Something I forgot to mention is the "reward" treats we are using. They are the basic treats found at like Wal-mart, K-Mart. It's only like $3 a box but the issue is that they are too big for Ellie. They are soft enough that I can smash it with my fingers and give it to her in piece. They are supposed to be puppy training bites but damn are they big.

    I found these online because someone suggested them. I think next time I am out of town near a Petco I'll get them.

  7. Petco has TONS of different treat options. Definitely use something small for training since you'll end up having to give her so many, I'm sure.

    Lucy has always had some stomach issues so we only stick with two different kinds of treats (Natural Balance brand...same brand as our food.)

    That dog food you chose looks pretty good. I don't see any corn or by-products listed so that's definitely good!

    It's really too bad you don't have a Petco near you though. We have a Petco and a Petsmart only a few miles from us.

  8. The nearest Petco and Pet Smart are about 45 minutes away. :\ Hate that.

    I'm hoping that Ellie will get used to that food and respond well to it... especially because we bought a huge bag of it without thinking. Haha!

  9. Did the foster guy give you any of the food he was feeding her so you can slowly transition her?

  10. Nope I actually forgot to ask what they had been feeding her. Dof! Oh well.