Friday, August 6, 2010

Living with Ellie - Day Three

Our little bundle of fluff is prooving to be a handful! 

Yesterday when I let Ellie out at 1:30 she did okay until I had to put her back in her crate.  She yelped and yelped.  Most of the time she'll do it for maybe a minute and then chill out.  This time she did it for like 5 minutes straight at least because she was still going at it when I walked out the door.  When I came back at 3:30 to let her out again I tried something new.  I sat in the bedroom with her while Ellie was in her crate.  I allowed her to mellow out and gave her a few treats for being quiet.  Then I walked away.  While she did bark when I left, she quieted down by the time I actually left the house.  Maybe staying with her for a while is the trick.  I'm working on doing positive reinforcements with her so she knows when she's doing something right. 

Ellie ate a good amount at dinner time and she did poop twice.  Her stool isn't all runny and gross anymore.  It's becoming more solid so that's awesome.  Don't ya love it when I talk about poop?!  ; )

The next obstacle in her training will definitely be the play biting.  I know it's a "pack" thing and that's what puppies do to each other when they are playing but, I'm not a puppy.  I certainly don't bite her so I don't want her biting me.  And she'll get ya anywhere!  Your arms, ankles, fingers, thighs, ASS!  Those tiny teeth hurt too!  I heard that a good way to get them to stop biting you is to yell "OW!" and then stop playing with them.  I told Matt about that so I think we'll start trying that and see if it helps Ellie understand right from wrong. 

Vinnie's curiosity with Ellie is progressing.  He wants to climb on her crate in the morning (which he can't because he falls through the cracks) and he seems more comfortable inching his way up to her crate when she is in there laying down or playing.  If she reacts to him being close though he'll back away.  When Vinnie was on his cat condo yesterday, Matt held Ellie and brought her close to him because he was trying to reach out and smell her.  They just calmly smelled each other and then we seperated them.  I don't want to overwhelm Vinnie because he is a timid cat and gets scared pretty easily.

Today we're going to go get Ellie a comb and brush.  Even though the foster bathed her Tuesday before we picked her up we're going to do it again because she has been in the wet grass and on some dirt.  My goal is to get her familar with being groomed so when she goes to the groomers it will be really easy. 

My neighbor lady once had a white poodle and she told me yesterday that the vet has eye drops that will help Ellie not tear so much.  The tearing has caused the hair around her eyes to develop a red/brown yeast rash.  We'll set up a vet appointment for her next week I think.  I'd like our vet to check her over.

That's all for now!  Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to blog about Vinnie and Ellie finally getting to interact.


  1. Even though she was checked out by another vet, it's definitely good to get her checked by yours. That way your vet will have a baseline or whatever so he/she knows what your dog is like from the beginning. We took Lucy to a vet the day we got here (then again, she hadn't seen a vet since she had her accident before we adopted her.)

    Glad her bowel movements are getting better. We seriously had issues with that when we got Lucy. She ended up having to go on the "bland" diet of beef and rice for a while. Then we transitioned her to Wellness Brand food. Then her stomach did NOT handle that at all. So she went on a bland diet for Science Diet RD while we transitioned her super slowly to Natural Balance brand food. It was a loooong process. So I'm glad you guys aren't having trouble with the food/bathroom stuff.

    Sorry the puppy biting is so annoying. I hate it too (just posted that on your other blog entry.) Hopefully you can get her stop. I have no clue how to stop it. I honestly don't think I could handle a puppy. I don't have the patience for it at all.

  2. The biting is pretty annoying. There is a way to get them to stop but it will take awhile to train them to do it. You'll need to get it one or two specific chew toys. I recommend rope bones because they're sturdier than stuffed toys. Squeakers are also good for small puppies as they make a noise that those kind of dogs like.

    Shift their focus to the toys when they want to chew and keep doing it. It should take about the same amount of time as potty training before they learn what they should be chewing. Done properly your dog will learn to chew only its own toys rather than seeking other things like remotes and cell phones.

    Good luck to you!

  3. That's another thing I heard too, Graham. Making them remember what they need to be chewing on. I just have to get through the puppy stage and remember that it doesn't last forever.

    I had to do the same thing with Vinnie. He was SPASTIC some nights where he'd do things that made no sense. It got annoying and actually scared me until I got used to it. He's past that phase now and only goes crazy once in a great while. He's gotten so big. :) I love him. :)

  4. Lucy was super hyper and kind of psycho sometimes in the beginning. So happy she isn't like that anymore!!

  5. I think the trick is to get your animal on your schedule. Lucy is conditioned to lay around all day until it's time for her evening walk.

  6. Are you saying I lay around all day?!

  7. The morning walk thing sounds wonderful but because I don't go to bed until 11 or 11:30 most nights I don't want to wake up at 6!

    Mid-day walks with Matt and evenings walks with me will work best.

  8. We only walk Lucy once a day (then again, she's not a puppy.) She gets a walk in the evening...around 8pm.