Thursday, August 5, 2010

Living with Ellie - Day Two

Yesterday was a great day with Ellie.  Matt said that she was really good all day for him and pretty much just slept.  After I got home from work and Matt and I ate dinner, my mom came over to spend some time with Ellie.  It's obvious that she is smittened with her cuteness and energy.  Mom brought over some of Colonel's old toys and ones that he had never played with at all.  She walked in the door with the very first toy I ever got Colonel and I almost started crying.  I remember getting that toy more than 6 years ago!

Ellie is a really playful puppy.  She is obviously wanting to chew on anything and everything.  She especially likes anything that is hanging off of your body.  Mom had brought over a rope toy and Ellie liked that the best.  Probably because two of the other toys weighed more than she does. 

Last night she didn't seem horribly interested in eating dinner.  She'd eat some but not scarf.  I'd have to keep turning her around and facing her towards her dish.  This morning on the other hand she ate and ate!  I was so proud of her and I'm very happy that she seems to accept the puppy food that we got for her from TSC.  Yay!

She slept wonderfully last night and we got her up at 3 a.m. for a potty break.  Around 5:30 Vinnie was able to come into the bedroom bravely and lay up with me.  He seemed very interested in what Ellie was doing... almost to the point where he was gonna climb on her crate.  I had to hold him back!  Eventually he left the bedroom and I got to go back to sleep.  Only thing was... 6:00 he came back in but this time he sat on the floor about 4 feet away from her crate just looking at her play with her plush toy.  I felt the need to watch him because I didn't want to fall asleep and then for him to swat at her if she scared him accidently.  It was so hard keeping my eyes open!  I waited and waited and waited for him to move along.  After 15 minutes or so he decided to move closer to her.  He was only about a foot away.  Ellie jumped up when she noticed him so close to her which caused Vinnie to take a step back.  She even let out a few yelps and Vinnie just stood there looking at her like she was some foolish puppy.  :) 

Around 6:45 I think he left and I went back to sleep only to be woken back up at 7:00 by the alarm.  I got up and took Ellie outside to go potty and then back in her crate she went until after I showered at which time I sat with her while she ate breakfast.  She sat in her crate for maybe 5 minutes until Matt could come get her to take her outside.  He watched her romp in the living room first doing a hilarious voice-over for her.  About a minute later she assumed the position and crapped on the floor.  And of all places, on the rug.  I saw her start to go and yelled, "No no no!"  I know I shouldn't have done that.  Reflex kicked in.  I've read a million times not to yell at a puppy when they mess on the floor because they don't know any better.  Still, I did it and felt so bad for doing it.  Matt scooped her up before she could finish and took her outside to complete her business.

Today will be tricky because not only is this Matt's 2nd shift work day but he got asked to come in early at 11 instead of 3.  I have to take two half hour lunches instead of a whole hour.  I have to let her out at 1:30 and again at 3:30.  I packed a PJ & J to hold me over.  ;)

I'm thinking of taking Ellie over to play with my brother's dogs Effie and Butters.  Effie is a pug and Butters is a puggle.  They can be really playful so they could help Ellie work off some of her energy.  I'm just a bit worried about Ellie getting tramped under Effie's big booty.  : )


  1. If Ellie likes to chew...Nylabone makes some great bones. I think they even have ones specifically for puppies. (Nylabone also makes edible bones...but Lucy's stomach can't handle those.)

    I don't know how much carpet you have in your house. But we have TONS so we bought one of these -

    Lucy only had one bathroom accident inside but when she doesn't feel like eating, sometimes she'll vomit (bright yellow bile...eww!) So that carpet thing has been a lifesaver.

    I heard small dogs poop shortly after eating (can't remember how long but if you google it will probably tell you.) So it's best to take them outside and just wait for them to go. Then give them tons of praise.

  2. I heard about those bones! I'm definitely going to have to look those up!

    We only have two rugs in our whole house. The kitchen is crappy vinyl or something. The rest of the house is nice hardwood. The one rug is more of a runner in the hallway and the living room has a larger area rug.

    I read about a cleaner that works great on hardwood to get rid of the smell and on carpet. It's a Caesar Millan product. Haha!

    I think I'm going to have to get in the habit of taking Ellie out right away since the stinker seems to poop instantly.

  3. As insane as it is, we basically know Lucy's bathroom schedule. My sister and brother think we're crazy for paying attention to when our dog goes. They just let their dogs outside and leave them alone. Even though our yard is fenced in, we still either go out with her or watch from the window. We have her on a pretty good schedule to where we know when it's time for her to go. (And Graham picks it up pretty much right away.)

    Before we had a schedule, she'd come over and bug us all the time wanting to go out. And since we didn't know if she'd gone or not (this was before we stared watching)...we'd have to let her out every single time. It got annoying to let her out every hour.

    Now that she's on a schedule she goes out once in the morning. Once in the afternoon (sometimes.) Once before her daily walk. And then once or twice in the evening. That's it. For a while she was seriously going outside every out and it got old really fast.

    It's just kind of nice to have her on a schedule of some sort. It just seems less stressful, I guess.

  4. I hear ya about not having a schedule. Colonel is like that. Sometimes my mom will just put him outside for some outside time but... still. He is good about telling us that he has to go. He'll get hyper all of a sudden and run to the back door in the kitchen and then run back to you. Over and over until you get up. Sometimes he'll bark if he really means it.

    I just let her out at 1:30 and she yelped for a while before I left the house. She wasn't happy with her mommy for putting her back in the crate. Poor girl. I have to play with her a lot tonight.

  5. Play with her lots...and take some pictures too! I want to see some more puppy photos! :)

    Lucy doesn't really like being outside when it's really warm. She does enjoy being out in the cool Fall weather. And she LOVES snow. She's just like me!

  6. Ok, so maybe it is just me but I hate the puppy play biting. It ruins play time for me. Ugh.

  7. I hate it too!! My sister was dog sitting a puppy when we were visiting a month or so ago. It was a wheaten (sp?) terrier and I hated it! The dog, in general, was a reminded that I never want a puppy...haha!