Monday, August 2, 2010

New Addition!

Wow, it's been almost 3 months since I've posted anything on this blog.  Sorry 'bout that readers.  Still I'm sure that inquiring minds would like to know what the hell has been up with me.

Sadly, not a lot has been up with me.  So instead of boring you with talking about work and family junk I will tell you that we are expecting a fourth addition to the Lantz family. 


Matt and I almost had a yorkiepoo but the sellers backed out and decided they couldn't sell her.  After getting over that heartbreak we decided to look into dog adoption.  Within 2 days of e-mailing on 4 dogs, all 4 had been adopted. We were feeling discouraged until we saw a new adoption pop up.  We e-mailed the foster parent and then found out that she also had several other applications and would have to call references over this past weekend.  None of my references ever got a phone call but Saturday evening I received an e-mail from the foster parent and she said that if we would like the puppy that she would be ours. 

She is an 8-10 week old Coton de Tulear.  I'm sure you're thinking, "huh?"  Coton's are a rare breed that originated in Madagascar.  They have "cotton" white fluffy hair that needs to be groomed and brushed regularly because it can get long and mat.  They can reach about 15 pounds making them a small but not "toy" sized dog.  They are very intelligent and loving. 

She checked out really well at the vet and they actually said she was one of the healthiest dogs that had come from a puppy mill.  Two thumbs up! 

Oh, and I don't want any of you to think we got her from a puppy mill directly.  How it works is rescues and shelters go to puppy auctions and purchase young pups in order to stop them from ever being bred by anyone else.  Overbreeding can lead to serious birth defects in litters.  It's a horrible chain of events that only leads to inhumane "breeders" getting more money in their pockets. 

We are excited and anxious for Vinnie, our 11 month old cat, to have a new playmate and sister.  I think Vinnie will have to warm up to the idea to having a dog in the house simply because he has been the center of attention for so long now.  He really is the apple of our eye and the best cat in the world. 

Right now the puppy has a very cute name, Annie.  Because it sounds so much like Vinnie we feel that we probably should change it.  Right now the top names in the running are Ilsa (Spring Awakening), Veda (My Girl), and Ellie (UP).  I'm leaning more towards Ilsa while Matt is leaning towards either Veda or Ellie.  No idea what we'll end up on though.  We'll probably decide once we meet her.

If we get to the foster's house and there is something wrong with the dog that we weren't informed of then we probably will not end up taking her.  But, if not, I'm 100% sure that we want to make her a part of our family. 

Here she is folks! 


  1. She's really cute! Dumb that brown fur around her paws and eyes or is that just "dirty" or whatever. I remember seeing stuff in my Drs. Foster and Smith catalog called "Show eyes" that's supposed to help with the stains white dogs can get around their eyes. But I don't know...maybe Annie's is just brown fur. I can't really tell in the photo. Either way...she's really adorable and I'm happy for you. I hope it works out!!

  2. Yeah it looks brown to me. What happens with that breed is that the color fades and then blends in with the white to basically just make a shade of white... a cream. If there is black it will fade into a grey. She probably will just end up with a light cream color around that part of her face.

    They say sometimes all the color goes away completely leaving just a white coat.

    Maintenance on her fur is going to be the hardest part I'm sure. She won't shed but she sure will mat if we don't brush her regularly. Sadly we can't use the Furminator on her type of fur so we'll have to get another brush and comb on top of that one. It works so well on getting Vinnie's hair off. Totally worth the money.

  3. We have a few different brushes for Lucy - undercoat rake, soft bristle brush, glove brush. She has an easy coat though...I love it! I know it's horrible but I don't think I'd ever get a dog with longer hair just because I have no desire to take care of it or bathe a dog all the time. Yeah...I admit it...I'm lazy.

  4. Dumb do they know for sure she's a Coton since she's originally from a puppy mill?

  5. Not sure really. I mean, they must have some sort of proof. Plus, Coton's are the only dogs with that kind of coat so maybe they could figure it out that way... ?

    I look at other puppies that are similar... bichon's and maltese's... and she still looks most like a coton.

  6. She reminds me of a bichon. My aunt's bichon is such a great dog. And that's coming from me...someone who isn't a huge fan of small dogs...haha.

    I just saw this on wiki...

    Apparently a Coton is basically a type of Bichon. Very interesting.

  7. A couple more questions....

    Will you be putting clothing on your dog?
    Will you be carrying her around in some sort of handbag?
    Will you take her EVERYWHERE with you? (And I mean...everywhere. Like the grocery store and whatnot.)

    If you answer yes to any/all of these...please, don't hate me for a future blog entry that I will be writing, okay?

  8. Yeah I know it's almost like mixing a maltese and a bichon... except the fur is different than both. It's not curly and it's not silky. It's just fluffy cotton.

    I will NOT be putting her in a handbag and toting her around. Especially given that she will get to be like 12-14 pounds so I really don't think that's appropriate or comfortable for either of us. In Sturgis, only TSC is pet friendly unlike in California where everyone totes their pet around.

    The clothes will only be if it's raining/snowing simple because her fur gets matted easily... especially in liquid conditions. haha. She has very short legs and her body hangs right to the ground. So at this point, just her sitting means her total lower half is touching the ground. Ya know what I hate the most? Dog shoes. Who the hell thought of that?!

    We got Vinnie a bow tie at Target on clearance and it's absolutely hilarious to watch him in it. He actually doesn't mind it now that we've put it on him a few times. We mostly do it for our own amusement for like 10 minutes. The other day we did leave it on him for like 3 hours and we saw him sleeping on the futon wearing it. Totally hilarious.

  9. Yeah...we put dorky things on Lucy for our own amusement too. It's hilarious. We also bought her a "rain coat" since she hates the rain. Turns out...she also hates the rain coat. I bought a "winter coat" for when it gets below freezing but we almost never put it on her because when it's that cold...she runs out, does her business, and runs right back in.

    A friend of mine puts shirts and clothes on her dogs ALL the time. Not to be funny either. She does it in all seriousness. And she says "they like it." Poor dogs wear t-shirts in the summer time! I feel so bad for them because I'm sure they are hot and uncomfortable. :(

    I am so happy that you guys got a dog! She is really cute!

  10. One year for Halloween I got Colonel a 'bill cosby' sweater made him go dog-a-tonic. He just sat in one place and did not move a muscle. I dressed him up in cabbage patch do clothes once. Those pics are in an older album on Facebook in case youre interested.

  11. I just looked at the pictures! Hilarious!!