Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ellie Update!

The little princess, Ellie is becoming more comfortable with her new home and new owners.  Matt and I try and take her on daily walks.  We miss a few days here and there but most of the time we are good about it.  Some days are better than others.  The last walk we took her on was just painful.  She was so stubborn and kept pulling on her leash.  She hasn't done that in a few weeks.  The other day she kept trying to jump and grab the strings on Matt's shorts during the walk. 

What she is excelling in is her indoor manners and basic training.  While she still likes to chew on things she shouldn't, she is learning her commands quickly.  Just a few nights ago we found out how to teach your dog to "drop it" when playing.  I found the website "Dog Star Daily" and they have GREAT articles on training with treats.  Ellie used to retrieve the toy but not give it back to us.  Now, we can say "drop it" and she does it without much fuss.  Within 5 minutes she had that down pat so we started working on "down."  That one has proved to be a bit trickier but the more we work with her the faster she'll respond.  Luckily, Matt taught her "sit" weeks ago when we started walking her so she does that without getting a treat. 

The next thing I would like Ellie to learn is to "leave it."  Similar to "drop it" but more difficult in my opinion because that means she has to stop paying attention to something that she clearly desires.  Matt and I would be able to use this command when Vinnie is around so she'll leave him alone.

Speaking of Vinnie, with Ellie playing in a more controlled way now he is totally into her.  Matt told me that yesterday Vinnie jumped down off of the dining room chair when Ellie was fetching a toy and began playing with her.  Once she noticed she ran toward him excitedly which prompted Vinnie to go, "oh crap!"  He sort of hopped away and back to the safety of the chair.  He just doesn't know how to play with her yet.  Eventually he'll understand and I have GREAT faith that they will get along perfectly. 


  1. Lucy listens to "leave it" pretty easily. We use "give" when trying to get toys from her. It works....sometimes. She's never mastered sit/down really though. It's quite pathetic but we honestly stopped caring and we never tried that hard to teach her. Half the time when we tell her to sit, she lays down. When we want her to lay down, she sits. Oh well.

  2. Colonel is the same way. We didn't really teach him anything but he kind of learned stuff on his own. He can sit pretty much on command and will lay down now on command if he's not too hyper. He'll also do a spinning jump for a "snacky." He just started doing that on his own. Colonel can walk on his back legs really well.