Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kelly Clarkson Is Stronger

Yesterday my favorite female artist, Kelly Clarkson, released her brand new single,"Mr. Know It All" during a live webcast on her website  When she had previously released the lyrics to the single I was sort of up in the air as to how I was going to like it overall once I'd heard it.  Even the title sort of threw me.  That seems to be the trend though with the last two records... weird first single names.

Upon my first listen, all I could think about was "this is how she sounds live!"  Her records don't typically showcase her voice very well unless it's a live track (Beautiful Disaster off of Breakaway) or from My December (the fan favorite album).  While I don't think that "Mr.Know It All" is a crazy awesome song, it's good.  Good not great. 

The best is yet to come and I feel confident in this by one thing that Kelly herself mentioned during the Q&A following the single debut.  Kelly proclaimed that her "live" voice was really captured with this entire album.  Don't get me wrong, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE her last record, All I Ever Wanted, but it didn't do Kelly's voice justice.  It's like you could tell she has pipes but you didn't hear the rawness that you hear when she performs live.  With her new album that releases October 25, 2011, we're sure to hear what all of us hardcore fans have been dying for for the longest time. 

Kelly penned half of the upcoming record which also makes us fans very happy since most of us have a really strong interest in her songwriting abilities.  I personally think that Kelly knows best but is often pushed around and pulled in a million different directions with what to do regarding her albums.  Her live shows are quite a different story.  She gets to perform what she wants primarily and throws in a lot of amazing covers that just knock your socks off.  Kelly has the BEST BAND in the industry.  Easily.  Throw them all together and they put on one heck of a show.  The upcoming tour should start sometime in January of 2012 which makes this girl very happy since I'll have an abundance of vacation days to use. 

Anyway... if you want to go listen to the new single just head to and look for it on iTunes on September 5th!

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  1. I am very Excited about this upcoming Album! Kelly is rare to most artist in that she sounds sometimes better Live then she does on the albums that she puts out! You have not lived until you have seen Kelly Clarkson Live! She doesn't need tons of dancers she always just delivers on her VOCALS! My first listen to Mr. Know it all, i was stuck! lol I didnt like it nor dislike it, i was stuck, but after after my 3rd and now 100th listen I LOVE it! Anywho! Totally love what you had to say about the one and only Kelly Clarkson! She is my Favorite artist!

    chicago's #1 kelly Clarkson fan